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13 Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Sale

1. Refresh Siding

Whether’s it’s brick, vinyl, or wood, power wash or paint your home’s exterior to give a good first impression.

2. Add Potted Plants

Place a few glazed pots on the front porch or steps. If it is winter, use small evergreens or cold-hearty plants.

3. Make It Bright

Change light bulbs throughout your home to make it brighter. Replace CFL bulbs with warmer incandescent bulbs.

4. Declutter

Remove clutter to make your home feel bigger.

5. Repair Roof

Repair the roof and replace the missing shingles.

6. Clean Bathroom Lines

Paint and re-caulk bathroom surfaces to make the space look new and clean. Replace grout or recolor stained grout.

7. Patch Holes

Repair holes in walls and cracks in window trim and baseboards.

8. Clean Carpets

Deep clean carpets so they look and smell good. A bad-smelling anything is a complete turn-off. If the carpet is stained, consider replacing it.

9. Go For A Clean & Crisp Look

Make sure smaller rooms are painted white from top to bottom. A neutral palette will help the potential buyer see themselves in the space, plus a lighter color can make the room appear larger than it is.

10. Zhoosh The Kitchen

Make your kitchen delicious to the eye. Replaced tired door pulls and handles. Power scrub tile and repair grout. Even a new kitchen faucet goes a long way.

11. Switch Out The Switch Plates

Replace all the electrical faceplates in the house. It is relatively inexpensive and can make it seem like the entire electrical system was changed out.

12. Paint The Front Door

Adding pizzazz to your home’s front entrance is an easy, low-cost way to up your home’s curb appeal. Don’t forget to change out the door handle too.

13. Spruce Up The Landscape

Dig into the front yard. It is basically your billboard. New shrubs plants, power wash your garage door, make sure window coverings match and are in good shape—green up your grass (professionally, if needed).