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10 Alternatives For Candles

Suppose you are looking to phase out candles due to their hazardous nature or smoke. Here are the best alternatives to Light up your space with smoke-free options such as electric-powered or battery-powered candles. Additionally, It can be a great way to decorate your room without worrying about your kid and pet, as no fire, no harm.


Table Lamp

A table lamp is a good candle alternative, which can also be a perfect decorative element. Table lamp has led electric bulbs in the middle, which need not be replaced from time to time, as led bulbs work longer than usual bulbs. Table lamps come in various designs and sizes. Choose accordingly.

Electric Candle

Flameless or electric candles strictly resemble real candle flames, some even having the flickering light effect as flames. With a broad range of shades, dimensions, and designs, choose the perfect one to fit in your room. Electric candles are safe to use nearby pets and kids, with no flame or heat. Electric candles come with battery or electricity-powered models. Additionally, put electric candles outside and as an alternative for candlelight dinner or while camping. 

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights have small LEDs on a single line, operated either by battery or electricity. These terrific mood lighting fairy lights are easy to decorate anywhere easily, making a perfect backdrop. These fairy lights are pretty inexpensive, so do get one for your room.

String Lights

String lights are brighter as compared to fairy lights. Add a romantic charm to your room with these colorful, durable string lights. Add beauty to your outside space without causing fire hazards, or decorate your home during Christmas or new year’s holiday with this fantastic lighting.

LED Lights

Go ahead and create stunning pieces of decor with electric or battery-operated led lights. You may prefer to make wine bottle lights, illuminated vases, or a plain glass vase with led lights entwined inside that also make an excellent decorative piece.

Wax Warmers

Wax warmers contain a small dish where you put the wax. When the wax heats up, the aroma is dispersed into the air. Wax warmers are too powered with the help of batteries or electricity.

Stick Diffusers Or Reed

Stick diffusers are inexpensive and natural. Stick diffusers are glass bottles filled with a carrier oil and a few drops of essential fragrant oil. After that, sticks or reeds are placed upright in the bottle. As the oil sweeps to the top of the reed, scent automatically spreads into the room.

Air Freshener 

Air fresheners are budget-friendly aerosol bottles to spritz around the room. The scent doesn’t last long and has a lot of chemicals. However, it can be an excellent alternative to scent candles.

Plug-In Air Freshener 

A plug-in air freshener is a device having a small container that contains scented oil. When you plug in the machine, the scent aroma spreads throughout the whole room. These are great for your bathrooms.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers considerably know your health benefits. It is a device that separates oils into tiny micro molecules and releases them into the open air giving a soothing fragrance.


Incense is a spice or gum present in the stick form. When it burns, the fragrance releases into the surroundings. The aroma calms the nervous system and Unwinds stress.


Use the alternative to candles and avoid causing fire hazards in your house. Decorate your home with these fantastic pieces of battery or electric-powered candles to add romanticism to your candlelight dinner.