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10 Items You Should Never Have At Home

You should be aware of certain things, as they are unlucky for your home. However, we tend to bring such showpieces and items that disturb happiness and positivity. Such things can ruin our lives if we unknowingly bring them to our house. 

10 Items That Should Never Come Inside Your House 


Cactus, Bonsai, And Thorny Plants

They are promising plants, and they represent very little growth. However, if you love plants and want to get some, consider decorating with other types of flowers. 

Taj Mahal

Many of us consider the Taj Mahal the epitome of love and a symbol of love life, but little did you know; it symbolizes death as it represents grave and inactiveness. So, you should consider avoiding decorating at home with pictures of the Taj Mahal.  

Broken Furniture

If you have broken pots and furniture that are unfixable, you should get rid of them. These bring negativity to homes and can be potentially dangerous. 

Broken Mirrors 

When choosing mirrors, you should be particular while using this as a decorative item. Buy a new mirror if one breaks. 

Animal Paintings Or Decor 

These may seem like good luck, but legends say those wild animals and war paintings can negatively impact lives, and the impact can be devastating. Therefore, you should never keep the statue of a single bird in the couple’s bedroom as it brings a violent attitude to your life. 

Black Door

Avoid the black door at the main entrance, as according to the Chinese Feng Shui tradition, the meaning of the black door is to bring bad luck.

Broken Dishware

If you have broken cups and plates, then you must remove them immediately. Dishware symbolizes wealth and togetherness, but it sometimes happens that if you use broken dishware, then it can bring deteriorating relationships and an invitation to failure to life. 

Negative Images

Artists make anything to earn money, and you need to be careful while choosing. Never keep images depicting loneliness, hunting scenes, trees without fruits and flowers, captured elephants, birds, fighting scenes, and weeping images. They all bring negativity to your home and in your lives. 

Dries Flowers

The presence of dried flowers all over the house can trap negative energy. It would be best to put blooming flowers to stay positive and help you stay focused and think forward. 

Customized Welcome Mats

Have you ever seen a welcoming customized floor mat outside somebody’s door? If you think of getting something that looks the same, you should stop yourself, as it is advisable to leave doormats plain, and instead of customizing your name on it, think of doing it on the wall to look up and not down. 


Decorating your home is such a wonderful thing to do. We tend to change the decor easily, but at the same time, it is essential to consider a few things before it’s too late. It is important to know which art is good and which has a negative impact.