13 Plants That Do Not Need Attention

It could be intimidating to start gardening at first. Sometimes you give too much water to the plants, sometimes too little. Somedays, there’s too much light while on a few days, not enough light. We understand gardening needs a lot of patience, knowledge, and effort. But there’s an easier way to grow a landscape, and you can do it with the right plants. 

If you’re a beginner, you should go for plants that need less attention. Many plants require less or no attention, but choosing the right one for you could be confusing. That’s why we have included 13 such low-maintenance plants so you can start your gardening journey with ease. 


Some plants struggle to grow in poor soil, coneflower blooms; this purple flower is also known as echinacea, native to the eastern United States. The flower attracts pollinators. This is one plant that you won’t even have to water if your area receives average rainfall. 

Air Plants

If you want to add a cool décor to your living room or bedroom, air plants are perfect for you. Not only do these plants have unique looks but also they don’t even need soil to grow. These plants are straightforward to keep alive. All you need to do is water them once every two weeks and store them indoors to get indirect sunlight. 


Another excellent option for your interior plant décor is Anthurium. The bright red bloom on the plant lasts pretty long with minimal effort from your side. These plants do great in indirect sunlight and don’t like moist soil very much. 

You only need to water these plants when the soil looks very dry, and that would be once every week. 

Creeping Sedum

There are extremely low maintenance plants, and then there comes creeping sedum. This plant is known as stonecrop and is available in varieties. Not only this, it can survive harsh conditions of all kinds. You can get these succulents in any color, from reddish-bronze to bluish grey, and these can survive easily in your garden. 


Daylilies are very adaptive perennial flowers. These can grow in any garden with little or no care. As the name suggests, the flower on the plant only grows during the day. Daylillies love sunlight and do not like much shade. It is best to plant daylilies away from trees and bushes to prevent nutrient competition. 

ZZ Plants 

ZZ plants have been popular for so long due to their low-maintenance nature. Whether in bright light or no light, they continue to bloom. You have to make sure that the roots don’t stay wet, and you’ll have a happy plant. Also, its spikey leaves come as just a bonus. 

Calathea Freddie

This striped plant has the most aesthetic appearance on the list, and besides that, it’s an excellent start for beginners. You have to put the plant somewhere; it gets indirect bright sunlight and a lot of humidity. However, the plant wants to stay a bit hydrated, so it’s best to water the plant as soon as you see the topsoil drying up. Just a little care, and your striped plant will thrive. 


Another excellent option for indoor décor is bamboo. Just like the air plants, they don’t even need soil to grow. Just place the sticks in a pot filled with water, and they will enhance the look of your room. You can also fill the pot with pebbles or marbles at the bottom. 

If your bamboo plant starts to get too big for the container, you can upgrade the container without any hassle. 

American Beauty Berry

If you want a low-maintenance plant for your garden that retains its color all year round, look no further than beautyberry shrub. After months of green foliage, the beautiful berry’s leaves fall out for most of winter and fall to reveal its bright purple berries. 

Though these berries are not for us but are a favorite snack to birds, American beautyberry is also resistant to disease and pest, making it suitable for almost all types of garden. 


These robust plants with cheery and bright flowers require less attention.  Overwatering is something these plants don’t like. Kalanchoes love indirect sunlight and grow even better when repotted. 

These plants can also grow well indoors with little or no water. 

Money Plant Or Money Tree

Love the name of it already? No, money doesn’t grow on these trees. These trees are also pretty easy to maintain and grow well in partial and full sunlight. Also, these plants love indoors. Watering money trees is also not a problem as they don’t like moist soil. So, watering once a week should be okay. 

Peace Lily

These plants will bloom in almost every situation. The greenery and lushness they add to your home is a bonus point here. You don’t even have to worry about when to water these plants as they tell you when they are hungry by just drooping. Most people who have peace lilies say that they wait till the plant’s leaves droop to prevent overwatering the plants. 

Parlor Palm

Parlor palm is a perfect plant for that empty corner of your room. This lush plant gets along well with bright sunlight and adapts to low light if necessary. When it comes to watering, make sure you don’t overwater your palm plant as it loves being dry versus wet. In winters, these plants demand even less water. 

Keep the plant in a warmer spot and enjoy the vibrance it gives to your home. 

The Bottom Line

Bringing home your first plant could be overwhelming but maintaining a lush garden is not so hard as you thought. Now that you have great options for plants that require less attention, you’re all set for your gardening journey.