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Decorating Ideas For Spring

After a long and lazy winter, you are more than excited to welcome the spring season with open arms. Bright, blooming flowers, fresh air, and sunlight make spring one of the favorite seasons of the year. There’s no better way to brighten your mood than by throwing around a few things and adding a few touches of spring to your home. Whether you are looking to add a few touches here and there or planning to go all in, here are a few great decorating ideas for spring.

Liven Things Up With Plants And Flowers

Want to incorporate the beauty of spring into your home? What better way to do that than to bring in some fresh flowers from your garden or a local vendor? Fresh flowers and plants can brighten your indoor space by adding a pop of color and a fresh feel, making it a spring must-have! A few sprigs of fresh greenery, such as tiny plants or cacti on your bookshelves, center tables,  or side tables, will do the job. You can also opt for plain flowers like white orchids, or you can add some more color by adding dahlias to your vase.

In case you don’t have access to fresh plants and flowers, or you feel like you won’t be able to care for them, then faux is the way to go! There are various faux plant and flower options available these days that are extremely close to real-looking ones. Moreover, many of them also give off the same fresh and vibrant feel as living plants.

Update Your Bedding

Spring is all about adding life to a dull-looking space. Once the winter season is over, it is time to bid farewell to your heavy blankets and throws. Also, don’t forget to say goodbye to all the blues and greys! It’s time to switch out your dull beddings, blankets, and pillows for brighter, more vibrant colors with eye-catching and soothing designs. You can opt for pastel colors such as pink, blue, and green and prints with flowers, plants, or abstract art. One color that remains in fashion throughout the year is – white. Whether it is summer, winter, or spring, white bedding gives a fresh and cheerful feel to any room.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Perhaps, the easiest way to update your home for spring is by rearranging your furniture. Move around your furniture a little to see what would look better there and make good space for your place to look and feel more airy and spacious. Play around with your side tables, couches, sectionals, etc. Even the simplest of tweaks can make a huge difference to your space easily. Needless to say, the best part about rearranging your furniture is that it doesn’t cost a single penny.

Add A Pop Of Color

Adding just a pop of color can instantly transform a dull space and breathe some life into it. The safest way to add color to your home is to pair colors that exist together in nature. You can never go wrong by pairing whites, sky blues, lush greens, tea pinks, etc., to add a spring feel to your home. Nature-inspired hues are definitely one of the best ways to bring the vibrancy of the spring season inside.

Pile On Pillows And Cushions

Need to spruce up your home? You don’t need to get new furniture; add some spring spunk to your sofa, beds, and chairs by adding a few pillows and cushions – or rearrange the ones you have. You can also invest in many bright-colored pillows and cushion covers, such as mustard, pink, blue, green, etc. This will help you save money as you can reuse the inserts from pillows you already own to stuff your new covers, giving you the same feeling of having bought new pillows and cushions.

Refresh Your Décor

A few stylish tweaks here and there around your home can help change the entire appearance of your home. Make some changes and add some pieces to your countertop, shelves, mantel, and coffee table. Even something as simple as a flowery dish towel over the sink can add a cool springy touch to your kitchen. You can add a few books on your tables to raise objects off the surface or add decoration pieces in groups of three to make it more eye-catching.

Update Your Artwork

Artwork can transform even a plain white wall. Refresh your home this spring by updating your artwork. Invest in a few abstract pieces to add a funky and bright feel to even the plainest wall in your home. Install a painting on the wall behind your bed or the wall above the main couch in your living room to instantly give your home a fresh new look. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to get paintings of flowers and plants for a spring feel; you need to get the artwork you like made with eye-catching spring colors.

Light Up Your Home

As the sunshine increases by the day, it is the perfect time to make way for it to grace all the corners of your home. Now might be a great time to replace dark and heavy curtains with white or lighter-colored versions. Another great is to allow more sunshine in, so keep your window shades raised throughout the day.

If you care too much about your privacy and want to keep the sunlight out, you can tweak your artificial light sources. Start by replacing old lights with new brighter ones to give an entirely new appearance to a room.

Focus On Your Patio

Once you’re done decorating the interior of your home, don’t forget the patio. Your patio is probably one of the best spaces that will give your home the ultimate springtime vibe. You can start by adding a few pillows, outdoor curtains, and decorative pieces to make the place an extension of your home. Don’t forget to add lots of plants and flowers to this area to give it a springier feel.

Hopefully, these decorating ideas for spring 2021 will help bring the ultimate spring feel to your home!