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3 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Garden Pests

People garden for a wide range of reasons, but one common denominator can make gardening less fun and more of a chore – the garden pests that can occur daily. These pests could be insects, plant diseases, or even animals that get into your garden to divulge themselves on the fruits of your labor, literally. Instead of spending money on expensive and potentially harmful pesticides or spending time and money on an exterminator, there are ways to eliminate these garden pests naturally.

1. Use Mesh

Mesh or chicken wire caging is a vital gardening tool when putting around your plants can prevent larger pests, such as critters (rabbits, deer, mice, raccoons, etc.), from romping through your garden and disturbing the growing process for your veggies and fruits. Install a layer of mesh or chicken wire around the entire garden bed but remember to leave a section that can be opened so that you can get into your garden for maintenance. These fences will prevent larger animals from jumping into the garden, trampling the plants, and disturbing the soil/fertilizer/mulch put into place.

2. Use A Citrus Spray

Citrus sprays made using essential oils and water can have an unpleasant effect on insects’ smell and taste. Mix several drops of lime, lemon, or grapefruit essential oils (or use natural juice from the fruit itself) into half a cup of water. Shake vigorously to mix and spray the bottom of the leaves on the plant being infested daily. Continue this until the insects are gone, and repeat the process once a week to refresh the smell. Use citrus-based fruits, as the more acidic this mixture is, the more effective it is.

3. Use Beer

Beer can have a negative effect on most insects but especially two in particular – slugs and snails. These pests get into your garden and destroy the plants’ leaves, allowing for the sun to burn the stems and the wind to destroy the internal system with changing temperatures. Leaves are the protectors of your plant, so you want them to stay put without being chewed. Use an empty container cleaned out thoroughly and fill it up almost to the rim with beer. Place the lid of the container after punching numerous and various-sized holes into it. Bury this container close to the plants in your garden and check it in the morning.