4 Common Home Emergencies And What To Do

Here are some common home emergencies and how to deal with them at the moment, plus how to prep your house for the future.

1. Fire In The Kitchen

When too large a flame appears, or a small fire has started, you need to react quickly. If a grease fire occurs, first turn off the heat source, and don’t use water to put it out: this will likely spread the flames around. Have the pot or pan lid handy when you’re cooking to cover a fire, or else pour a lot of baking soda or salt on the flames. A fire extinguisher could spread the light if you’re too close, but you can attempt from a distance. Read these suggestions for grease fires. If a fire has started in the oven or elsewhere, use a fire extinguisher at the base of the flames. Err on the side of caution with fire and exit ASAP if you can’t quickly deal with it and call 911.