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5 Things Every Home Needs

Every designer has their own rules. Follow these ideas — or break them as you see fit — and we can guarantee you’ll be able to take any room from feeling like it’s a boring, everyday thing to something you love every day.

1. A Mid-Century Piece.

You should always use at least one mid-century modern element for several reasons. For one thing, the design period, despite no longer being technically “modern” (in the sense that it’s now technically a retro style from the past century), still feels current and timeless. One of the easiest ways to introduce a modern piece is through seating. Mid-century chairs are always stylish with traditional wood tables for that old-world, new-world mix.

2. A Touch Of White And A Touch Of Black.

Our eyes expect to see a full spectrum of colors, and how we perceive a space can change based on the range of colors represented. White is often easy, but be mindful of adding black accents. Black picture frames and other white background elements will ensure both ends of the spectrum are represented and balanced. Pure black can be easily introduced through lamps with black bases or cottage-inspired cage shades.

3. A Mix Of Textures.

Whether your space is bold and colorful or subdued and neutral, a truly designed look involves a mix of textures for that subtle richness. Besides different upholstery textures, like cotton, burlap, hides, linens, silks, and sheers, you should always strive to include wood, metal, and glass.

4. Personal Imperfection.

Besides all the perfectly chosen materials, a room should have at least one piece that speaks to a sense of history, with some true vintage character or personal meaning.

5. Fresh Flowers.

A room is never truly finished unless it includes some fresh flowers or growing greenery to give it a sense of life and care that keeps it from feeling static. Even just a few simple blossoms in a bud vase immediately draw the eye in, adding a new color and delightful detail as you change them out.