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6 Options For Window Security For Your Home

You might be saying to yourself, “If I already have a home security system, why do I need to burglar-proof my windows?” This is a valid question because you have your base system, motion sensors, and door/window sensors (which is a positive step towards burglar-proofing your home). Still, you can take some additional steps to help bolster your security for intruders who aren’t trying to come through the door.

1. Window Locks.

While your windows may already have locks, additional aftermarket locks can enhance your window security. The best type of aftermarket window lock may depend on the type of window you have. Pin locks – These are recommended for installing on your ground floor windows. They can prevent intruders from lifting your windows. Keyed locks – These locks will require a key to get them open and keep them closed. You’ll have to be sure to keep up with the key for this type of lock. Hinged wedge locks – If you want to prevent a double-hung window, one can open from both the bottom and top. From being opened, use a hinged wedge lock. You can adjust this type of lock to partially open the window if you install it higher on the window frame. Sash locks – Sash locks will allow a window to open and also hold it shut in place. These are typically used for double-hung windows.

2. Window Sensors.

If you already own a home security system, then you probably already have door/window sensors. These devices are designed to detect whenever your window is opened, and for some security systems, an alert will be chimed to let you know whenever this has happened.

3. Tempered Glass.

Tempered glass is four times stronger than annealed glass, and when used in windows, these are known as safety windows. If broken, this type of glass will crumble rather than break into jagged pieces. Burglars will have a harder time trying to get into your home with this type of glass, and they don’t want to make a disturbance.

4. Plexiglas Or Poly-carbonate Windows.

If you’re willing to pay more, Plexiglas is impact-resistant and ten times stronger than regular glass. This type of glass is made out of acrylic, and while it is not real glass, this type would also discourage burglars. Additionally, polycarbonate windows are stronger than Plexiglas and can deter burglars. Using these glass types for all of your windows wouldn’t be necessary, but you could definitely be strategic in a placement to lower the expense.

5. Window Bars.

Window bar treatments provide an additional layer of security because even if a burglar smashes the glass, they won’t easily be able to squeeze through the bars. While you might feel hesitant about adding bars to your windows, you don’t have to opt for the common ones you normally see in stores. There are decorative treatments that can be customized to fit your home’s style.

6. Thorny Shrubbery.

As an older tactic, adding thorny shrubbery around your home’s windows can help prevent burglars from getting in. If a burglar attempts to break in at night and does not recognize the shrubbery you have planted, they’ll be in for an unfortunate surprise. When placed strategically around your home, plants can work for your security.