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6 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe And Secure

Your home’s safety and security are important details that you will want to give plenty of consideration. Equipping your home with adequate safety measures will not only protect you and your loved ones from unexpected problems but also give you peace of mind even when you’re away.

1. Get Smart And Efficient Safety Lighting

Keeping your home safe doesn’t just refer to preventing intruders from entering but also keeping your family safe every day. Making sure you have hallways lit at night is an important safety feature, particularly when you have young children, but the problem with traditional nightlights is that they are bulky and take up outlet space.

2. Monitor Your Home With Video

Set up multiple cameras so you can always keep an eye on your home, whether you are in the master bedroom or miles away. There are some options out there that have handy night vision features, making it easy to make sure that your teenagers don’t sneak out at midnight with a carton of eggs or embrace your inner ghost hunter.

3. A Smart Door Lock

Do you have a babysitter or dog walker who comes to your home regularly? Want to make sure that your kids are coming home on time? Control and monitor who enters your home with the help of a smart door lock. Most of these locks feature a strong motorized deadbolt that locks and unlocks when a user code is entered. You can connect and monitor your home via computer, tablet, or smartphone with the service provider of your choice to get the exact features you want. The intelligent deadbolt also senses door movement and sounds an audible alert for the homeowners. It lets you select between three alerts (activity, tamper, and forced entry) to meet your security needs.

4. A Place For Valuables

Over time, you accumulate a lot of important documents and paperwork that need to be kept secure. Whether you are storing birth certificates and passports or bills, bank statements, and important valuables, you should invest in a small house safe and Keep your documents, electronics, and valuables safe.

5. A Top-Notch Security System

Cameras and safes are great for keeping your home and valuables secure, but sometimes you need backup. Add a complete system to your home to improve its security. Ensure that you invest in the best that allows you to use the in-home system or app to call for help and expect a rapid response from monitoring centers. These apps also give you the ability to arm your system remotely wherever you are.

6. A Driveway Alarm

A regular alarm system is great for your home’s security, but what if you had a little warning when someone approached your home? A driveway alarm detects any approaching person or vehicle and sends an alert signal over a 400-foot range through the use of infrared motion detection technology.