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6 Ways To Prevent Your Home From Getting Ruined This Winter

If a pipe bursts in your house, it can lead to a lot of your money getting wasted. You can easily install some pipe insulations around your PVC or copper pipes, and it can end up being relatively cheap. Be aware of the pipes in your basement because usually, 37% of all pipe bursts occur in basements. Besides the basement, be mindful of attics, crawl spaces, and under your sinks. 

Add Some Insulation In Your Attic 

You should spend money on insulating your attic. As for how much insulation, you will have to decide based on how cold it is in the place you live. You can save money long-term if you add insulation in your attic. 

Service Your Chimney And Furnace 

Your chimney and the fireplace can very easily lead to fire, so it is best if you get the whole place serviced as much as you can, usually once a year. When the people come into service your furnace and the chimney, then make sure that you check everything they are doing to ensure that everything is complete. 

Swap In Storm Windows 

You can take out all your regular glass windows and swap them out for the glass storm windows. These glasses are better for the winter season. These glasses have air between the window and the outside, and this acts as great insulation, and it can keep your house warm for very long. If there is a lot of rain and storm, you can also have a better layer of protection if you use these windows.

Repair Any Loose Roofing Shingles 

If any of the shingles in your roof are missing or damaged, then make sure that you get it fixed before the winter. If any shingle is loose, it can move even further than it already was, which can lead to your whole roof getting weak. 

Clean And Inspect The Gutters  

If there is a clog in your gutter, then that water can end up freezing there, and it can cause a lot of problems. Also, make sure that the path that the snow has to travel from your roof down is clear so that you can get the snow cleared out as soon as possible. 

Repair The Pavers And Patios  

Any loose tile and stones can be a problem. These stones can freeze in the winter and thaw in the spring, making the stones go even more out of place. This process is called frost heave. Before winter, make sure that all the loose stones are in the proper areas. You can get a mason to do this job for you. 

Look Out For Ailing Tree Limbs 

Sometimes, the tree branches might not be very secure, and they might be on the verge of falling. This branch falling can put people’s lives in danger. If it is not someone’s life, the branch could easily fall on someone’s roof or car, which could lead to a considerable loss of money. 

Secure The Outdoor Water Sources 

Take all your garden hoses and the sprinklers and make sure that there is no water in them before you store them. If any frost starts to form in them, then they can burst. Shut the water supply valve for the hose bibs because this water can also get frozen and cause a pipe to burst. 

Mark The Garden Beds, Driveways, And Paths


If there is a lot of snow, then the whole ground might end up getting covered, and you will not be able to see and understand where your driveway ends and lawn starts, so you can use some snow poles to make areas of grass and gardens known. 


The cold and the snow in winter can complicate things, and this is why you must follow all these things to ensure that your house remains in good condition at the end of the winter.