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7 Super Simple Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice used for enhancing the life energy in your house. It has been used since time immemorial to improve the positive energy in your home. Good Feng Shui will go a long way in sprucing up the ambiance of your house.

1. Main Foyer

According to good Feng Shui, the door of the main foyer should not be placed next to another window or door. The front door should also not face the doors of the bathrooms or closets at a distance of a couple of feet from it.

2. Doors And Windows

In Feng Shui, how the different Feng Shui locations are placed are called the ba gua area. In Chinese, ba means eight and this refers to the eight directions that are present in the world. Feng Shui energy is very much shaped by the all-around power that is given off by the doors and windows of the house.

3. The Power Position

You need to keep your table, bed or TV in the power position of the house. For the uninitiated, the power position of the house is the place that is diagonally opposite to the main door. This is the dominant position of the house and needs to be understood and appropriately appreciated. Hence, you should give it the essential importance that is due to it. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should never sleep with your feet pointing towards the door. This is said to attract negative energy and is also called as the coffin position as it signifies death.

4. Enhance The Flow

Feng Shui is based on the flow of energy also called Chi. Chi is present in all the things that encompass the Chinese way of life, from Feng Shui to Kung Fu. Power plays a vital role in defining the vibes that are given off by your house. Having a good flow of energy can work wonders in creating good Feng Shui for your home. This can mainly be achieved by ensuring that nothing is blocked in the flow of Chi. Furniture that is placed in the middle of the room can constrict Chi leading to a blockage of energy.

5. Keep Shoes Outside

It is not for nothing that Asian cultures focus on keeping shoes outside the house. The symbolic act of removing one’s shoes before entering the house shows a case of removing the dirt of the outside world. Hence, you can keep all the external negativity outside your doorstep just by the simple act of keeping your shoes outside.

6. Do A House Blessing

It is important that you cleanse your space and do a house blessing as well. This will enable you to remove all the evil vibes that keep lingering in your house. These harmful elements hamper the proper way of doing work, and hence, you need to go a long way in obliterating them from your home.

7. Have Light And Greenery

Having a well-lighted environment all day long can help in increasing the quality of your Feng Shui in the right way. Hence, you must always ensure that you allow as much light as possible to come into your room. This will enhance the ambiance in your room manifold. You can even put a lot of plants in your rooms. This abundant greenery and vivacity hold to be very good for enhancing your Feng Shui. This is because it helps you attract a lot of wealth and good luck in your house.