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7 Ways To Keep A Home Clean And Organized

1. Maximize Wall Space

Take advantage of walls by adding shelves and wall units – Use walls for storage space whenever you can – Hanging wall storage can be used for shoes, clothes, or accessories.

2. Get A Storage Bench

It’s always beneficial for small homes when one thing serves multiple purposes – Instead of bulky furniture or folding chairs, try a comfortable bench that also provides storage space.

3. Use The Ceiling

It may be necessary to get creative when you’re running out of space – Try hanging items like pots and pans or even bicycles on a pulley!

4. If You Haven’t Used It In A Year, Throw It Out

The biggest reason we keep clutter is that “we might need it in the future” – We tend to find sentiment in the things we’ve bought and kept for a long time, but the truth is you may never use them again! – Sell or donate the things you notice yourself hoarding. You can even take a picture of the sentimental ones, so you’ll always have it.

5. Use Behind The Door Shoe Holders

These save so much space in small closets – They also make it easier to find your shoes by being at your level rather than the floor!

6. Go Paperless

Paper files take up space in the kitchen, office. – Request your bills and statements to be posted to your online account or sent via email – Scan things like receipts and save them to your computer

7. Use Baskets

To organize towels and blankets in closets, use baskets to reduce clutter – Plastic baskets are light and easy to move around – Smaller baskets can be used in a pantry to organize snacks.