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7 Ways To Make Your House Smell Better

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The first thing people notice about your home the second they walk inside is the way it smells. If your house smells terrible, regardless of how beautiful the furniture and lighting are, it will repel your guests. While it may smell alright to you because you have become accustomed to the smell, your guests will be able to pick up on it. This is called sensory adaption, or more commonly known as nose-blindness.

A clean smell has no real smell. However, your house can’t smell like anything, especially if you have kids, pets, and often cook. To mask out unpleasant smells, you must take some measures. However, this does not mean that you need to turn to store-bought, synthetic options. This article will guide you on ways you can adapt to make your home smell better.


Mix Some Essential Oils in Your Air Filter

If you want your house to smell fresh at all times, all you need to do is add some drops of good-quality essential oils to your air filter. Wondering how this works? It’s simple! The HVAC systems installed in your house will help the smell circulate and make the environment smell fantastic.

Did you know that essential oils are also known to have healing properties? For example, eucalyptus essential oil is great for respiratory issues, while lavender helps improve your overall mood. You can also opt for lemon and clove if you’re looking for scents with cleansing qualities!


Potpourri in little, dusty bowls may look good for some time, but it is useless when it comes to making your house smell better. If you want to recycle the potpourri, you can simmer it on the stove! This is a simple, clean, and easy way to make your home smell great.

Depending on your mood and the vibe you are looking to set, you can choose between several stovetop potpourri recipes. Lemon mixed with vanilla and rosemary or apples mixed with cloves, cinnamon sticks, and orange peels will give you that zesty, fresh smell that reminds you of cozy winters.

Dispose of Your Garbage

While making your house smell better is great, where is the bad smell really coming from? If you can smell something funky, it might be a good idea to check your garbage disposal.

Getting the garbage disposal to smell great again is simple. All you need to do is grab some orange or lemon peels and add them to an ice cube tray in water. Throw it in the freezer till some ice cubes are formed and run them through your garbage disposal. Since ice cubes are abrasive, they will help eliminate all the junk and bad smells from your disposal blades. The orange and lemon peels provide a chemical-free, natural scent.

Baking Soda on Carpets

The best thing about getting brand new carpets is their fresh scent. However, over time this scent tends to disappear and is often replaced by a wet smell. This is especially true for homeowners who have pets in their homes or those with children who often spill their milk or cereal on the carpet.

Baking soda has natural deodorizing qualities and is commonly available in most pantries. The best part? It is super cheap! All you need to do is sprinkle it on your carpets, especially those in common hallways and family spaces. Let the baking soda sit on the carpet for 15 to 20 minutes, and then vacuum the carpet as you usually would. The baking soda absorbs all the bad smells, leaving you with odor-free air.

DIY- Room Freshener

Not only are commercial air fresheners expensive and useless, but they are also filled with chemicals that are harmful to your family, children, and pets. If you want to keep your house smelling nice at all times, you can try to make your own air freshener at home.

All you need is some water, alcohol, and essential oils. Choose your favorite essential oils and mix in a few drops. Whenever you have company over or want your home to smell fancy, spray generously. The best part is that you will realize how ridiculously expensive commercial air fresheners are!

Eucalyptus Leaves

Do you have some space on your dresser or the side table in your living room? All you need is a vase and some eucalyptus leaves. Not only do these look beautiful and perk up the environment, but they can also make your house smell pleasant and fresh. Another place you can put eucalyptus leaves is in the powder room. Not only will guests fall in love with how pretty they look, but there will also be no lingering smell.

Since eucalyptus leaves have antibacterial qualities, they also help fight germs. Moreover, keep bugs away from this plant! We all know how annoying mosquitoes and insects can be, especially those that bite and leave rashes. Now, you no longer need to use sprays with strong chemicals. It is time to opt for more natural products.

Vanilla in the Oven

Are you in a hurry and need your home to smell great immediately? All you need is some vanilla extract from your pantry!

To make home smell like everything nice, add two vanilla extract caps in an oven-safe mug and bake it for an hour at 300-degree Celsius. The result will be so yummy; you will fall in love with the scent!

If you do not live alone and share the space, it is best to opt for natural scents, such as woods, florals, and citrus. Some people do not like sugary scents, so it is better to steer clear of them. Regardless, your home will smell wonderful!