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8 Things That Make A Home Unsellable According To Real Estate Agents

Some say anything could sell at the right price. But several say that an undesirable location, a death on the property, and bad odors — particularly from cats — were some of the things that could make a home virtually impossible to sell.

An Undesirable Location

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Location is a huge factor, like being next door to an airport or a frat house, also keep an eye out for big power lines obstructing the window views. A bad location can only be corrected with a low price.

Bad Odors

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Several agents cited bad odors as a common reason a home won’t sell. Three agents said that odors from cats, in particular, are bad news. Residual scents from smoking can also pose a problem.

A Lack Of Natural Light

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Not having natural light can make an apartment or house much less desirable. While any property is sellable at the right price, “a lack of light” is one factor that can “really turn buyers off. Nobody wants to live in a cave, so keep this in mind as you reno!

Poor Architecture That Can’t Be Changed

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Factors that make a home unsellable are the ones that cannot be changed: location, low ceilings, a difficult floor plan that cannot be easily modified, poor architecture.

Mold Or Other Environmental Problems

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Problems that can make a home unsellable include “significant environmental issues such as mold throughout the walls. Some serious issues may not even be visible. What’s under the hood? The foundation is cracked?

Maintenance Or Structural Issues

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According to several real estate agents, negotiating major repairs and putting off necessary renovations can make a home unsellable.

Outdated Decor

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An outdated or badly decorated home can be basically impossible to sell; a home that’s particularly “dated” can be unsellable, along with terrible decor and an old kitchen and bathrooms. Details like unattractive kitchen countertops can cause it to sell for much less than its market average.

A Home That’s Cluttered And Not Staged

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Sellers need to make sure their home is as attractive as possible to sell it. It’s important to do the necessary work to list the home, such as any cosmetic work needed, decluttering, and staging.