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8 Things We Should Stop Buying In Bulk

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You may often feel that buying in bulk is a better option whenever you do your monthly shopping. However, bigger is not always better, especially when buying food items in bulk. Learn more below on what you should reconsider buying in bulk. 

Salad Dressing

Salad dressing is used in minimal amounts to get the taste of its flavors. Whenever you buy the sauce in bulk or bigger containers, you will probably not use the entire container within a day or two. This means you have to save it for the future into the refrigerator.

Firstly, salad dressing usually contains lemon juice or vinegar that can go bad if not handled with care. Salad dressing also has a particular expiration date beyond which you cannot consume it. If you live alone or with a few people around, you will not finish it and end up tossing it out.

Skincare Products

Your facial cells are susceptible, and therefore the products you utilize should be in good condition. It is always best to buy smaller tubes and creams because you open this tube or container and use your fingers to dip into it. The longer you keep the cream, the more are the chances of contamination. Therefore, a piece of advice is not to buy a more extensive tube but smaller ones that would finish within a few months.

Bread And Eggs

Bread has a very short shelf- life, and therefore, buying in bulk will cause you to discard them if not consumed within the specified time. Even though you will assume the bread is nice and fresh, bread molds and fungus will appear on it. 

Canned Veggies

This can probably be a clearance sale as the expiration date is coming closer. Hence, buying in bulk can serve you no good because you will have to discard it anyway. Some people also assume the larger containers to be cheaper. However, the truth is that whenever there is a sale on canned items in the supermarket, the smaller ones go in first.

Cooking Oil

The maximum duration for storing cooking oil is up to six months. Store oil only if you are a daily oil user. If not, you can predict that it will go to waste. Another reason most people hoard large bottles of cooking oil is that they assume these containers to be cheaper than individual bottles. There can be small discounts, but overall the rates of smaller and bigger bottles are almost the same. In some cases, the smaller bottles give you better incentives than the larger ones.


No matter how big the box is, when you compare it with smaller boxes, these are better to contain and are fresh and crunchy. Opening the giant box every day can also cause the cereal to oxidize. Instead, buy medium-sized boxes and store them in air-tight containers to preserve them for long. 

Toilet Paper

Stocking toilet paper isn’t a bad option but do it only when there is a sale or discount. Without offers, you will waste money on something that is not worth the pay. 

Dry Fruits And Nuts

Dry fruits and nuts are highly beneficial due to their amount of nutrition. You may find exciting offers during sales, seasonal months, and holidays that may convince you to buy these in bulk. However, dry fruits and nuts can quickly get rancid if not stored under ideal conditions, that is, in an air-tight container. So even if you buy them in bulk, ensure to keep them in air-tight containers and if you want to preserve them for long, store them in the refrigerator. 

The Bottom Line!

Sometimes, buying in bulk is the only option. If that’s the case, make sure to store these items cautiously to avoid them from crashing into the bin. Store in air-tight containers or the refrigerator under ideal temperature and pressure. Make sure to check the shelf-life and the expiration dates of all the edible products before you think of storing them in bulk. Above all, calculate if it is better to invest in more oversized or undersized products because sometimes you tend to invest more in larger packets than smaller ones.