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Are Garbage Disposals Worth It

A garbage disposal appliance is a practical appliance that is in most modern kitchens. There are different popular garbage disposal models in the market, each with various features and qualities. However, the question is, is it worth spending money on garbage disposal? According to many homeowners, they would highly invest in garbage disposals. It has proven to be the best way to eliminate kitchen waste.

What You Can Dispose Of In Your Garbage Disposal

  • Small Food Particles
  • Select Vegetable Scraps
  • Small Chicken And Fish Bones
  • Small Pieces Of Eggshell
  • Coffee Grounds

The key here is only to put small items down the sink. Garbage disposal does not dispose of large pieces of anything, and even some tiny scraps are bad for disposal. 

Selecting A Garbage Disposal

You can go to your local appliance store and pick up a standard model according to your needs. In contrast, you can see the latest features offered on some disposals, like extra insulation for sound reduction or fancy stainless steel grinding chambers, and go with it. Garbage disposal is a beneficial appliance that can save you time and trouble after every meal.

They Make Cleaning Easier

You can scrape small amounts of solid food into the sink when your sink has a garbage disposal instead of having to carry plates to the trash and scrape them there. This process makes cleaning up after cooking and mealtimes faster and easier. 

They Protect The Pipes

It can be tempting to scrape everything into the sink rather than go to the trash can carrying the plates. However, with time, these food scraps can stick up in your pipes and cause blockage. Garbage disposal lets you grind down debris into tiny particles that are less likely to get stuck in the pipes.


Garbage disposals have reduced the cost for many users. It also maintains and improves drainage and protects the pipes. The disposal unit will serve for an extended period, and you don’t have to keep buying the appliance.


According to their features, garbage disposals last long. So it’s a worthwhile purchase for families as it will last longer and save money.

No Pipe Leakage

The appliance grinds the food into smaller pieces, which will easily flow into the drainage pipes. So, no pipe leakage.

Less Trash

It’s an easy way to remove food waste after meals. No trash bags or plastic bags are required for the waste materials, a convenient way for many customers. Garbage disposal is a better way to reduce trash and food waste. 

Cons Of A Garbage Disposal

  • They Stink: All the food crumbs sit and decay and eventually emit an odor.
  • They Break: Everything eventually breaks, and garbage disposal is no exception. The main problem is if a single piece of the garbage disposal breaks, then you’ll still have to buy a whole new garbage disposal unit.

Good Practices For The Garbage Disposal

Various practices will keep the disposal longer and make it worth the amount you spent. 

  • Clean Garbage Disposal With Time

This appliance will remain helpful for many years. However, the food decay might clog on the blades, making them dirty, work slower or eventually stop working. So, run the garbage disposal for a while to remove the remaining foodstuffs. Also, use a liquid washer to remove the stuck stains.

  • Grind Small Bones

Small bones help the garbage disposal work better by scraping off the food waste clogged on the disposal walls. 

  • Use Ice Cubes

Ice is best for cleaning and hardening the blades. Pour some ice cubes in with the water. It will help clean the chambers and the disposal wall.

Final Words

Garbage disposal is an excellent appliance to have in your kitchen. However, you’ll probably find garbage disposal worth it if you don’t mind cleaning the device every week. So, garbage disposals don’t cost a lot and are so simple to install, so if you aim to make after-meal clean-up easier, it may be worth a shot.