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Best At Home Security

The concept of home security differs to many. Unfortunately, most people ignore this because they live in an optimistic bias, making them believe that their homes will never be threatened or be in danger. However, this approach is ever-evolving. With several thefts, attacks, and other threats on the rise, it is wise to better equip oneself with the required security.

With high-quality and advanced security systems in place, you can have a watch on your house no matter where you are. Tech-savvy companies like Apple and Google have started collaborating with security-focused companies to design products and services dedicated to home security. However, there is an amount of risk involved in these features as they are always open to hacks and infringement by malicious individuals.

If you, too, are worried about your home security, don’t panic! This article will provide you peace of mind because it includes a list of products and services that will protect your home and empower your home security. In addition, this list consists of a variety of security systems that will serve your purpose at any time. 

What Is An Ideal Home Security System?

  • More Protection And Security
  • A Fair Price
  • Easy Installation (Professional Installation Or DIY Installation)
  • High-quality Devices
  • Essential Features – Motion Detectors, Sound Detectors, Live Video
  • No Long-term Contracts
  • Easy Control Panels
  • No Hidden Data


Simplisafe offers a DIY home security system that is easy to install and function. This device includes a powerful camera that will enable 24/7 professional monitoring of your house when you are at work or on vacation. It also has a mix of battery-powered sensors that will alarm you at the time of any suspicious activity. 

Wyze Home Monitoring System

This security system is highly affordable. Its basic kit includes two window/door sensors that will instantly notify you when an unknown person tries to sneak into your house. It also includes a motion detector that will alarm you during suspicious movements and a keypad accompanied by a base station having a siren built-in. 

Vivint Home Security

Though a bit costly, you will not regret installing this one because it is worth the cost. This system includes various gadgets, all of which are extremely powerful to give a unified user experience. It has security cameras at multiple locations in your home, a video doorbell, a connected deadbolt, and a thermostat. The company will provide the hardware and installation. 

Because it has a Z wave receiver, low power consuming devices like motion detectors work well with this system. It also solves the problem of home integration because it doesn’t drain the Wi-Fi and works well with systems like Google, Alexa, and Siri.

Arlo Pro 3 Outdoor Security Camera

This power-packed system has 2560×2560 security cameras, color night vision, 12x zoom, a built-in spotlight, and serine. With sound and motion detection, you get an alert whenever a trespasser enters. One can even opt for additional features such as human, animal, or package detection and E911. This solid feature will connect to law enforcement authorities through the Arlo app in times of danger. You can even opt for the Arlo video doorbell that records a live video and features motion detectors and dual sensors.

August Wi-Fi Smart lock

This smart device includes a retrofit August lock and DoorSense open and close sensor that will upgrade your existing lock. Incorporated in it is Wi-Fi that will save your pockets from purchasing devices for remote access. For smart home integration it works well will Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant making it a very versatile home security lock system.

It is easy to install and capable of protecting your home from high-level threats. In addition, the built-in Wi-Fi will enable the lock to be locked and unlocked from your smartphone when you aren’t home.

One can even opt for the August third-gen smart lock and connect bundle, which is feasible with third-party apps like Google assistant. Because it offers keyless entry, this system is capable and easy to access.


Adobe offers easy entry-level security with built-in sensors, including entry sensors, motion sensors, door sensors, and window sensors. Because it incorporates a Z-wave system, it can connect to several third-party devices at home. Hence one has easy control via the Adobe app. Various other features such as a smoke detector, security camera, and a key fob connect to the system. It also includes a professional monitoring feature available at an additional cost. 

Amazon Echo Dot

If you think Alexa can only follow your instructions, you need to be aware of this Amazon device. It makes Alexa take extra care of your house by alerting you about trespassers when you are far away. If you have an echo, you need to set up this monitoring feature through the Alexa app.

All you need to do is inform Alexa before leaving, “Alexa, I am leaving,” and the home monitoring system will activate itself. The echo then takes care of the different sounds across your house because it can distinguish between human sounds and animal sounds. Other threats like glass breaking, bashing can be noted by this smart device. 

Wyze Bulb

If you want to work the more innovative way without intruders knowing that they are under surveillance, opt for this classic bulb security system. Install these bulbs into your kitchen, storeroom, bedroom, and balcony so that they do not alert the intelligent burglars.

In addition, they can directly connect with your Wi-Fi, and you can control them via the Wyze app on your smartphone. 

Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Nest is a high-tech indoor cam with various smart features such as HD live streaming, person alert, motion alert. It also offers nest alert services enabling users to get help when in need. One can even customize the automation. All you need to do is create a catalog of known people with their names. Then, whenever these individuals visit you, the cam will inform you of their names. It also includes a built-in Google assistant speaker following the instructions you give it.

The Bottom Line!

Home security systems add convenience and safety to your homes. However, one crucial aspect is protecting these security systems with strong pin codes and passwords. Never share these passwords unless it is to someone you trust, and always make sure to change your passwords every six months. 

Once the installation is complete, make sure there is thorough testing of every device installed. Take into consideration the quality and functionality of the products and services. Be quick to report any damages or non-functionalities after the installment of this equipment. One piece of advice is to check your Wi-Fi connection because you need a continuous solid connection. No matter which security system you use, all of these add advantages to your overall home security system.