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Best Hacks To Get Rid Of Dust


Almost 30% of the U.S.’s total population suffers from various allergies. Where dust or pollen allergy is quite common, dust is omnipotent, and so, wherever you go in the world, chances are you will never be able to get rid of it, but there is a high possibility that you can prevent a dust invasion at your home. Dust allergies can irritate or trigger underlying respiratory conditions due to swelling of the alveoli sac. This causes difficulty in breathing, thus putting your lives at risk. Dust allergens mainly trigger patients who suffer from Bronchitis, and Asthma, which begins with swollen alveoli sacs, followed by the swollen throat, causing wheezing and breathlessness. Furthermore, a dust-free environment will help you inhale good quality air, helping you live a healthy lifestyle.

What Are The Different Sources Of Dust?

You might wonder where dust comes from, and why can’t they get rid of it? You might have heard the old saying from the bible that you are born to dust and dust shall you return. This quote has accurately been defined as human skin, when dried, turns into dust. Thus, despite your room being sparkly clean, dust accumulation is inevitable, considering your body is the source. Furthermore, the wind is a good agent of carrying dust from soil particles or earth’s dirt from one place or another. Since air or wind is omnipresent, there is no escape from it, and wherever there is wind, there is dust, even extraterrestrial planets like Mars. Thus, one can get rid of dust only by consistent hard work and dedication.

Measures That Can Be Taken

There are various prevention methods that one can adopt to get rid of dust, and the most effective way is the cleaning method. In such scenarios, having an OCD for cleaning stuff regularly helps a lot. There are various ways to clean, but using microfiber material to wipe out your floors, cabinets, or other surfaces is the most effective method. This is because microfibers attract dust by electrostatic interaction. Thus, making sure that every dust particle is taken care-off. Some microfiber products are washable and reusable, therefore making it a feasible option. 

If you have a ceiling fan or an Air-conditioner, make sure you wipe out the surface with much more details periodically, as they are places where dust gets trapped easily. Invest in a vacuum cleaner if you don’t already have one, as sucking up dust or pollen with a vacuum is the easiest method, and most of all, you will not get back pain after putting in rigorous hours in cleaning. 

Ways To Prevent External Dust From Entering Your Home           

As mentioned previously, various dust sources come through your window or perhaps from your front door as well. Going on a stroll feels fantastic, but when you come back home, you bring in a collective of dust particles trapped into your footwear or your clothes. Thus, it becomes necessary to keep a doormat or a wiper to wipe off or dust your shoes, preventing dust from entering your home. Furthermore, keeping your window panes closed for a long time can drastically reduce the dust particles from entering inside. 

Cloth Pieces: Home For The Nasty Dust Particles     

Every individual has noticed that cloth pieces such carpets, curtains, or even your clothes, give off the dust by a slight pat on the cloth. The cloth fiber makes it easier to trap the dust, making it a home to host dust particles. Velvet material and carpet materials are the easiest to trap dust due to electrostatic build-up attracting dust and preventing its release. Thus, one should always habitually launder your clothes and pat or beat the carpet, curtains, pillows, and bedsheets to get rid of the dust. Another idea but a heavy investment includes installing an air-filtration system in your apartment that filters out dust and pollen or any other allergens and keeps the environment at your home clean and allergen-free. 

You Are Now A Dustbuster     

Thus, if you are dedicated and adamant about getting rid of dust mites, pollens, moss, dust particles, and dead skin cells, you can find success in getting rid of the dust. Furthermore, it is essential to realize that there is no escape from dust. This is evident when you keep your room locked up for years. Thus, getting rid of dust is a never-ending fight and requires your commitment to be a Dustbuster.