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Best Water Features To Add To Any Garden


Everyone wants to have a wow factor in their house. There is no better place than the garden for creating it, majorly because of the limitless opportunities and versatility that any open outdoor space offers. And as per experts, the best way to adorn your garden is by adding a water feature. Several homeowners prefer to incorporate a minor water feature in their respective outdoor garden projects. And if you wish to do the same, you’re in luck because we are here to give you some of the best water garden ideas to make your space all the more attractive. Let’s get started!

Koi Pond

We all have seen indoor fish tanks in many houses, and most of us feel pity for the fish as they are restricted within the bounds of a small rectangular container. However, building a koi pond in the garden gives the fish the home and moving space it deserves and takes the overall appeal of your garden to the next level. A small pond undoubtedly makes up for an excellent backyard water feature, and you can quickly build one by purchasing a kit. You may also consider hiring a professional in landscape designs to bring your desired water feature idea to life. 

Rock Fountain

Fountains have managed to stand as a dramatic focal point in gardens for years, and even today, they prove to be one of the most admired water features. The beauty of rock fountains is that they look incredibly organic and natural, as they are mainly developed by creatively positioning stacked rocks. Even a simple fountain design can enhance your garden’s ultimate look and make it appear elegant and appealing. But if you want to take things to the next level, you may also consider adding some flowers and plants around the fountain’s rocky boundary.  

Water Walls

These are the epitome of the garden decor of modern houses as they can be easily constructed or employed in a small garden or even an open balcony, for that matter. A water wall is a vertical design, making the space look magical without taking too much of the ground surface. Adding water will add a dramatic touch to the garden, but the soothing sounds of the water flow and splashes will naturally create a calming experience for everyone. You may also pair it with a sitting arrangement nearby and enjoy the relaxing effect whenever you want. 

Outdoor Shower

Having a personal outdoor shower is a dream for many house owners, and if your garden has enough space for it, you should consider building one of these. A storm in your backyard is the perfect place for you to unwind after having a long day at work. The birds’ chirping, fresh breeze, and the calm, green natural surrounding make up for a classic relaxation space that you deserve. With just some simple construction and plumbing skills paired with a water pump, you can create a magical outdoor shower and an even magical experience. 

Small Pond

The best thing about building a small pond in your garden is that you can have all the freedom you want. Irrespective of whether you have an extravagant budget or walking on a tightrope, you can build a great pond. You can get as creative as you want and customize it to fit your personal needs. Just a tiny pond-like construction, some plants or bushes around, and a bunch of rocks or marble for beautifying can lead to a classy and subtle addition to your garden. You can even keep changing the look by tweaking the greens and stones around. 


Adding a water feature can prove to be a game-changing element to your garden. With the above-given ideas, you will undoubtedly be able to create a breathtaking outdoor experience