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Best Ways To Get Stains Out Of Clothes

We all have our favorite pairs of clothes that we love to wear often. The absolute worst thing is when something falls onto our clothes and stains them. Most of the time, there are easy and quick solutions so that your clothes do not stain permanently. Below are some of the best tricks to help remove common types of stains. Once you know these tricks, you will be readily prepared for any stain that comes your way. 

Oil Stains

Some are prone to oil stains on their clothes. These can come from the car or cycle grease or some oily food as well. First, rub the stained area with some detergent and distilled water. Distilled water works better because when the water does not have any minerals, it can help remove grease better. 

Ink Stains

When you write with a pen, you might get some ink on your clothes, and if you have a fountain pen, then the possibility of that increases. Put a cloth under the area affected after spraying some hair spray on the site with the ink and blotting the area a few times. You will have to repeat this multiple times, and after you do this, you can wash your garment as usual. If you have a stain on leather, then you can use the hair spray on that too, or you can also apply petroleum jelly and leave it for a few days before wiping it off. 

Dried Blood

If you need to take out some blood from a garment, see if the blood is still fresh or old and dry. If the blood is still wet, then you can soak it in water and wash it off. If there is an old stain, then put some ammonia in a gallon of water and soak the garment in it. After that, you can wash your garment with cold water and dishwashing liquid.  Repeat these steps a few times, and your stain will go. 

Common Food Stains

Since we eat and drink many times during the day, it is prevalent to have food and drink stains on our clothes. If you have any stains from fruits, use a sponge and cold water to remove the stain, and then put some boiling hot water on the stain. 

This same process works for tea and coffee. First, wash it with detergent and let it dry. If there is a chocolate stain, rub ammonia on it immediately and then wash it like normal. You need to wash the item with some cold water for any vegetable stains and soak it for thirty minutes. 


Mildew can be a huge issue, and it makes clothes almost unusable. First, make the fabric wet and then apply some lemon juice and salt and leave it out to dry in the sun. If the stain still does not go, then you could use a sponge and rub hydrogen peroxide on the area and leave it out in the sun to dry. If you have mildew on a leather item, rub the area with some rubbing alcohol and water. When the leather is dry, rub it with some castor oil. 

Wine Stains

If you spill wine on yourself, rinse the area with some club soda or water. Next, sprinkle some salt from the stain and make it into a paste of salt and water. After you do this, pour some boiling hot water on the stain. Finally, if there is a very tough stain, put half a cup of vinegar, two-thirds of a cup of water, and two tablespoons of ammonia in a cup and use that to rinse your clothing well and then wash it as usual. 


You need to be alert about these tips because if you do not know about them in advance, you might end up throwing away a lot of your clothes. It is always best to handle a stain immediately, but most of these tricks should still remove the stain if you are unable to. If you are unsure how to handle a stain, always try rinsing it immediately with cold water. The above tips are great for everyday use and will prove to be handy soon.