Best Ways To Keep Clothes Bright

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Clothes look their best when their colors are new and crisp. It can be very off-putting to have your clothes fade after just a few washes. While the fading of your clothes is inevitable, because you’ve made significant investments in your wardrobe to look good, you want it to be worth it. So, it makes sense to want your clothes to maintain their color and integrity for longer.

If you’re searching for answers on how to help keep your clothes bright by maintaining their color, we have the answers you need! Caring for colored garments isn’t as difficult as you might think. In fact, you may be unknowingly doing a few things when washing your clothes, causing them to fade disgracefully. However, you don’t need to worry anymore!

Here are some of the best ways to keep clothes bright for longer.

How Do Clothes Fade In The Wash?

The most apparent factor that impacts the color of garments is the mechanics of the clothes washer. A typical wash cycle includes the washing, rinsing, and spinning of clothes for at least 30 minutes, which can agitate clothes, breaking down fibers, causing the garment to look more faded. Moreover, water may also contain chlorine, which damages chlorine-sensitive dies, leading to fading colored garments after multiple washes.

Best Ways to Keep Clothes Bright

If you’re looking to preserve the color and integrity of your garments to make them last longer, then we have exactly what you need!

Here are some of the best ways to keep clothes bright.

1.     Group Clothes by Color

There is one golden rule of laundry: always sort your clothes. Whether you’re a newbie to the laundry world or have been washing your clothes for a while, never underestimate the importance of sorting your garments color-wise. This means all reds go with the reds, and all whites go with the whites. Not only does sorting help keep light-colored clothes from catching on the color of dark clothing items, but it also helps prevent dark colors from fading.

2.     Turn Clothes Inside Out

Much of the color wear and tear can easily be prevented by turning your garments inside out before throwing them into the washer. The entire washing and drying process can be pretty rough on the outside of your clothing. So, by simply turning your clothes inside out, you can reduce pilling, which dulls the look of the fabric. Besides washing, it is more than vital to turn your clothing inside out before hanging them outside to dry because although the sun is an excellent drying tool, it can zap the color out of your garments.

3.     Always Read the Care Label

Simply reading the care label on your clothes can spare you a whole lot of heartache. The instructions given on the care label can help you save a lot of money by telling you exactly how to wash a clothing item. While some clothes may require cold water for washing, others may need hot water. Care labels usually also contain drying instructions, indicating whether a clothing item needs to be drip-dried or dried on low.

4.     Wash Your Clothes Only When Necessary

While staying clean and have clean possessions is essential, some people may take it too far by washing clothes more often than they need to be washed. If you want to preserve the color and fabric of your clothes, the key is to wash them only when necessary. If your clothes are smell- and stain-free after you’ve worn them, you can get several more wears before you wash them. Additionally, certain clothing items, such as jeans, don’t need to be washed unless visibly dirty.

5.     Use Cold Water

One of the best advice for washing laundry is to wash colored clothes in cold water only. Detergents are pretty effective these days, but they perform best in cold water, compared to warm or hot water.

6.     Never Stuff the Washer

As someone who’s always looking for energy to do basic tasks, it can be extremely tempting to stuff the washer with all your dirty garments. Although you will get done with washing quicker than usual, you will wreak havoc on your clothing by doing so.

The fact is that filling up the washer to capacity forces the machine to work harder, making it work tougher on clothes. It also results in the uneven distribution of detergent and rinsing water, so your clothing doesn’t come out clean and can fade very quickly. The ideal way to deal with this is to leave a bit of room in the washer to let your clothes move freely.

7.     Don’t Over-Dry

It can be very easy to let your garments over-dry. Although this is bad for all clothing items, it can be worse for bright- or dark-colored clothes, as over-drying causes colors to fade rapidly. Always set a timer and pull out your clothes from the dryer while they are still slightly dry. Since drying brings in heat and friction, line drying is an excellent option for color retention. However, don’t forget to turn colored clothes inside out before hanging them under the sun to dry.

8.     Be Gentle

Being gentle is an integral factor to keep your clothes from fading. Always set your washer on a gentle cycle to make your colored clothes last as long as possible. Also, avoid using abrasive detergents as they can damage colored clothing. With so many options on the market, it is best to opt for a specially formulated detergent to prevent fading and loss of color.

9.     Use a Fabric Conditioner

A fabric conditioner can go a long way in helping preserve your colored clothes. Most fabric softeners or conditioners lubricate the fibers in your clothes, reducing abrasions and dye loss. Moreover, some fabric softeners may also contain ingredients that help prevent pilling, which can help hold your clothes to the original colors and fresh appearance.

The Bottom Line

Washing your clothes in the washer can eventually cause garments to lose their charm and crisp colors. So, the ultimate tip for washing clothes properly to keep their color from fading is to wash them as little and as gently as possible. The water, the detergent, the drying, and the over-washing can be quite agitating for clothes and can easily pull out their bright color. We hope the tips we’ve listed above don’t just keep you from harming the color of your clothes but also make them last longer and look better.