Best Ways To Keep Your Shower Door Clean

A glass shower door adds elegance to your bathroom. But it can also add extra effort to keep the door sparkling clean. Like other bathroom fixtures, mineral deposits and grime can build up on the shower door due to moisture exposure. Many homeowners think keeping the shower door from water spots and soap marks could be a tough challenge. This very reason discourages many homeowners from installing glass tub enclosures or shower doors. 

Luckily this task is much simpler than you think. Keeping your shower glass door clean isn’t a dreaded chore with these practical tips. 

How To Clean Treated Glass Shower Doors 

Clean Your Shower Doors With Vinegar

For a homemade cleaner, add distilled white vinegar (heated first) with dish wash detergent in equal parts. Now pour the solution into the spray bottle and spray it on the front and back of the doors. Let the mixture remain on the door for around 30 minutes. After, wash off the solution using water and a sponge. The vinegar and dish soap solution works for almost every shower but if your shower is stone, use dish soap with baking soda. 

Use Lemon To Clean Shower Doors

For this, you have to cut a lemon in half and dip the side in baking soda. Now take the baking soda side and rub it on both sides of the glass door. The acid in the lemon will react with baking soda to create foam. Next, clean and wipe the door with a microfiber cloth. 

Use A DIY Daily Shower Spray 

You can use DIY daily shower spray between your deep cleaning routine. First, make your affordable cleaner by mixing ½ cup vinegar, 2 Tbs. Dish soap, 1 cup water, and any essential oil for scent ( optional ). Then, you can spray the mixture after taking a shower and then use a squeegee. But, again, if you have a stone tile shower, avoid vinegar. 

Apply A Protective Coating To Glass Shower Doors

If you don’t want to take so much pain from cleaning the door regularly, you can use a protective coating. Many homeowners use Rain X for an affordable approach. Applying a coat of this product will prevent water spots build up to six months. If not this, you can consult a professional company to apply protective polymer glass coating.

Regular Cleaning

After you complete a deep clean on your shower door, take some extra precautions to minimize water build-up over time. Rain X, as said above, is a great option to protect your glass and keep it sparkling clean with minimal work. After wiping the glass with some protective coating, consider buying a squeegee. After each shower, use a squeegee to help dry all flat surfaces in the shower. Then finish by hand drying the glass with a microfiber cloth. This process after each shower will help minimize the start of water build-up. 

The Bottom Line

Keeping your shower doors sparkling clean is easier than you think. However, if you have frameless shower doors or a glass tub enclosure, never apply anything to them without talking to your contractor. You could ruin the surface or warranty on your shower door by using unapproved products for cleaning.