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Best Ways To Open A Bottle Of Wine Without An Opener

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Do you want to raise a toast tonight and entice your friends with the best wine you picked for them? Wait! You realize you got a bottle with a cork, and your corkscrew is missing. Well, that’s a tricky situation. But, you do not need to fret; there are more hacks than you may have ever thought of for opening the wine bottle. So, read on to know more and try one of these to enjoy your evening with friends and family. The only thing to remember is that these may not be 100% foolproof and may involve a risk element like breaking the bottle or the cork. However, you indeed will have your wine moments, and that’s what matters the most. Isn’t it? 

Use A Key

You can use your pair of keys for opening wine bottles. Yes, you heard it well! Here’s how you can do it, insert it at an angle of 45° into the cork; push it harder until most of it goes inside the cork. Now, twist the key, pushing the cork upwards till it finally comes out. You can enjoy your wine now with a slice of cheese. Cheers to that! Just make sure that you use a sturdy and unused key, as you may end up breaking it. 

Bring Out Your Shoes

Now you may reckon what shoes have to do with your wine bottle, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that you could open a cork of wine using a shoe. So, bring it on! Place a shoe against the wall, put your wine bottle into it. Then, while holding the shoe with one hand, bang the bottle so that the liquid in the bottle pushes the corm out. So, if you look at the logic behind this hack, there are two key things to understand- firstly, the shoe will absorb the impact of banging on a hard surface; secondly, when liquid is in a container, it acts like solids which are why banging the wine bottle forces the cork out. 

Hangers May Work As Well! Try It Yourself

Stretch the ‘U-shaped part of the hanger using a plier, making it look like a hook, and insert into the cork in such a way that the hook faces upwards. Next, insert it about two inches below the cork and rotate the hook to catch the bottom of the cork. Once you get a hold of it, start pulling it upwards, and it will push out the cork. 

Grab A Pair Of Scissors Or Pliers

Grab a pair of clean, curved nail scissors and cut on either side of the cork. You may also use pliers to make a hole into the cork. Now, insert the curved scissors through the cut you made and pull the cork upwards, and there you are! Entice your guests with a glass of wine. 

Slide-in Some Scissors

This one is an easy hack, pick a pair of scissors and slide in either side of the blades into the cork; now twist the blade to pull out the cork while holding on the other blade in your hand carefully. Again, work very slowly to avoid any injury. 

Pop-Out The Cork Using A Pump

This one is quite interesting as it will bring out the inherent child in you, and perhaps you may enjoy the popping-up sound if you do it the correct way! So, take a bicycle pump, and put the pump’s needle on the rim of the wine bottle. Now pump slowly 2-3 times, and you’ll notice the cork jumping out. However, be sure not to pump too much as the bottle may even explode, but if you do it right, the reward is all yours! 

Utilizing A Knife

If you can’t find anything else, pick a knife and jam it between the cork and the bottle; now twist it gently and put pressure upwards while you twist the knife. Don’t forget to raise a toast with your friends and family when you open the bottle. 

Use A Drill

One of the best ways to open locks in a wine bottle without using a corkscrew is to drill a screw into the cork and discard it by plucking it out with the help of a hammer. If You have a loose screw resting around in a pinch, utilize it to bring the cork out. Use a drill or screwdriver and fasten it in the middle of the cork. Make sure to leave sufficient space to utilize the claw hammer back to eliminate it. 

Final Thoughts

There are multiple ways to slap out a wine cork. Some super simple tools and tricks like a key, knife, shoe, drill, bike pump, etc., are shared in this article to unscrew your wine bottle easily. So, go ahead and apply any of the hacks above to open a bottle of wine without an opener. Don’t forget to say: “cheers”!