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Best Ways to Recover Dead Grass

Having a lush green lawn that draws the eyes of passersby is the dream of every garden enthusiast. Every time you step out onto your beautiful, deep green lawn pastures, its curb appeal will bring a big smile to your face.
However, sometimes, even after you’ve successfully grown your lawn, you may begin to notice off-putting brown, dead spots that make your heart clench. In some cases, you may even realize that your lawn has progressively worsened over the years due to a lack of care.
Have you been looking at your lawn lately and wondering why it looks a little dried up or dead? Well, you don’t need to fear sad-looking grass; we’ve rounded up a list of the best ways to recover dead grass and restore your lawn to its natural beauty.

Water Properly

Most time, the grass looks dry and dead because of the lack of hydration. If you notice dry grass around your lawn, give it a quick boost of water (not if it’s about to rain). Sometimes, the perfect amount of water can revitalize your grass and restore it to its natural deep green color.
The ideal option to water your garden for maximum growth is to give it a good soak less frequently instead of opting for several sprinklings. The reason behind this approach is that the roots, the only part of a plant that really absorbs water, lie beneath the soil, and sprinklings merely graze the topsoil, leaving the roots dry and thirsty.
Watering your grass properly ensures that the water penetrates the soil effectively and reaches the roots.

Remove Weeds And Dead Grass

The presence of too many weeds can often smother the growth of fresh new grass and can also kill the existing grass, leading to a garden full of weeds. One of the main steps to reviving your grass is to get rid of as many weeds as possible, along with certain dead patches of grass. That way, you can provide the new seeds with a better chance to establish themselves as they’ll have less competition and coverage.

Aerate the Soil

Since you can’t completely revive all your old dead grass, you will have to plant new grass seeds. However, before you start planting the grass seeds, you will have to rough up the soil a bit or wear aeration shoes and walk through your yard. This is an excellent way to provide your seeds with a great start and loosen up the soil. As your soil will be able to breathe better, it won’t be too long before your grass starts growing.


The ideal way to restore your grass is to plant new grass seeds. For this purpose, you will have to find the seed of the grass you currently have in your lawn. If you can’t find a perfect match or are unsure of the grass variety, you’re growing, searching for a grass variety that is the closest match.
Once you’ve found the best garden seeds, sprinkle them onto the patches of your lawn that need revitalizing, followed by a good pour of water. However, you need to be mindful of the season you choose to do this in. Spring and autumn are the best times of the year to revive your grass due to the mild weather.

Fertilize Your Lawn

You can fertilize your lawn either before or after the reseeding process. Finding a suitable fertilizer for your specific type of lawn is imperative to achieve a healthy and beautiful garden. It is also essential to pay attention to the amount of fertilizer you’re adding to your lawn. Adding too much fertilizer can damage your lawn, and adding too little won’t work as well as you want.
Additionally, it is also vital to pick the perfect time of the year to fertilize your lawn. Much like plant grass seeds, it is best to avoid fertilizing your grass during winter or peak summer. Choose a mild time of the year to fertilize your soil for optimal results.

Use the Right Lawn Care Products

Many lawn care products come with the sole purpose of giving your grass a boost towards restoration. However, these products need to be used very carefully according to the issue and timing. Products that are improperly applied to your lawn can cause irreversible damage at times.
For instance, adding too much fertilizer to your grass can causes a phenomenon called fertilizer burn, in which the fertilizer completely drains the moisture out of your grass, causing it to turn yellow and ultimately die.
Not only are certain lawn care products supposed to be applied in specific amounts at certain times, but the specifications of their use can also vary from lawn to lawn. So, you’ll want to ensure that you apply the right products at the right time to be the most effective and prevent further problems.

The Bottom Line – Keep Your Grass Healthy

Once you’ve reseeded your lawn, it’s imperative that you strive to keep it healthy. Many times, we offer all our care to our plants and flowers, pushing grass care to the bottom of our priority list. It can be easy to forget that your grass requires a little love, care, and maintenance too. Perhaps, the best to avoid having to revive your dead grass is to keep it on top of its maintenance.
Use the above-listed best ways to recover dead grass to revitalize your lawn to its happy and healthy state within no time!