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Best Ways To Use Home Automation

What do you think makes for a brilliant home, or is there a way for you to make your home even smarter? Indeed, several smart home devices, from a smart thermostat to an intelligent speaker, etc., have eased the way chores around a house are handled. However, home automation is the key that brings “life” to home, making everything fun while helping you save money and time. But, it is only the case if utilized rightly. 

Below are some excellent home automation ideas that can make your home more innovative and more efficient. So, let’s get started –

Light Automation Ideas 

  • Wake Up Smart – 

Use dimmable intelligent light bulbs as a way to wake up without that alarm’s annoying ringing in your ears.  

You just need to set your smart LED bulb or smart dimmer such that, half an hour before your “wake-up time,” the light switches on and gradually increases in brightness over the next 30 minutes. It will help you wake up with ease, boost your sleep quality, and save you from the not-so-pleasant noise of alarms. 

You can also use them for the same purpose around bedtime, just that in this case, the light will eventually go dimmer with time before switching off.

  • Sensor Controlled Lights – 

Using the motion sensors or door sensors to control lights automatically is not a good idea when the area in context is the living room or bedrooms for all the apparent reasons. However, they can most certainly find application when talking about the basement, garages, or other less frequented places around the house. 

It will not only save stumbles and falls in the dark but will be energy efficient and security-enhancing as well.  

  • Outrun Ghosts With Extra 5 Minutes Of Light

As experience suggests, most people switch the last light off in a ready-to-sprint position aiming right to their rooms. Well, if you do not have Google Home or Amazon Alexa doing this chore for you, it is a good idea to keep a night light on for 5 minutes or more after you’ve had all the lights switched off so that you can find your way back without letting the ghost know of it.

Smart Thermostat Automation Ideas

  • Cooling At The House Night 

If you have a ventilation or HVAC system, using it to cool the house down with natural air during summer nights is a good idea. Using temperature sensors, you can allow the smart thermostat to let the cold night breeze inside, saving hugely on utility bills and energy.

  • Turning Off AC When Windows Are Open

Everybody knows how keeping an AC on while windows are still open is a waste. However, since there is nothing like fresh air, placing window sensors can allow you to not worry about turning the AC off whenever someone opens up a window, not to mention how energy efficient the process is.

  • Temperature On Time 

There is nothing quite like coming back to a warmed-up house on a winter evening after work, certainly not switching on the heating system and waiting. Well, adjusting your smart thermostat to activate an hour before to match your schedule and activities as per the temperature outdoors is a clever way to make your arrival home a welcoming one.

Home Security Automation Ideas 

  • Smart Locks And Doorbells

A home security system is perhaps the most integral investment when talking about smart homes, and smart locks and doorbells form a significant role in it. 

Automatic door lock that locks and unlocks during bedtime and when you leave for work, door sensors that switch the lights on when someone enters, smart doorbells that notify and establish communication when someone is on the front door, etc., are some ways to make the most out of these smart home devices.  

  • Smart Sprinklers And Porch Lights

Who said that smart sprinklers are just to ensure you have a green backyard all year round and the lights for décor? Both of these, though a good utilization of resources, you can make more out of them by adding motion sensors, such that any motion detected past bedtime will alert you through flashing lights and sprinkler sounds. Plus point, no one will rob a house in wet clothes. 

Household Automation Ideas

  • Trashcan Reminder 

It is not always possible to track when the trash day is or when your trash can needs to be cleared. However, it is always a bad day when you forget the chore. Since marking the day on the calendar is as good as forgetting it, leaving it to your home automation to remind you of the same is the way to go. It can be an alarm going off when the bin’s full or an online notification of when it is “The day.”

  • Automatic Vacuuming 

While vacuum robots have made life unrealistically easy, getting in the way is a hurdle that never passes. However, why would you want the vacuum running while at home to schedule the task for when you’re not. 

Automating the vacuum session at night past a particular time or when no one is at home will ensure you return home to a clean space without facing any more hurdles.

  • Laundry Reminder 

Forgetting the wet laundry in the washer is a mistake everyone is guilty of, and that too more often than they’d like to admit. While a small part of the blame goes to the buzzer not being loud enough, can it be blamed?     

Using a smart plug for a dryer that alerts you as soon as the power consumption reaches the limit or a vibration sensor in the case of a washer makes for a handy way to know that you have your dress clean and ready for the next day.


It is not always the best device that makes for a smart home that saves money, is energy efficient, and brings flow and ease to life. Instead, it is how well the same is used. Combining home automation and your smart home devices is an excellent way to ensure that you make the most out of your resources while primarily focusing on areas you would like to relax on a bit. 

While these are just a few home automation ideas, you can very well think of several other clever uses as per your needs and demands. Happy Scrolling!