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Choosing A Front Door That Suits You


How To Choose The Right Kind Of Front Door Style

No other part of your house gains as much exposure as your front door. The front door says a lot about the residents of that house. There are many alternatives to choose from in front doors, both in construction (metal, wood, fiberglass) and style (arched, paneled, double). Selecting one variation out of them all may confuse you. The practical requirements and your aesthetics sense can help you in the decision-making process.


Your front door color should never be a point of reconsideration. After all, it is the first element people notice when they visit your house. The front entrance serves as a welcoming signal to receive visitors. Even though you can paint your front door with any color of your choice, there remain a few thoughts that can assist you in picking the best shades of exterior paint. With some specific suggestions, you can make your front door either stand out or blend in, gratify a design style, or direct the rules, depending on your perception. 

Besides, if you reside in an older and more traditional home, repainting a shabby and worn front door is an effortless weekend refresh that may score you bonus points for your curb appeal. The best color you can go for while choosing the color of your front door is coral, navy blue, bright red, etc. 

Coral- You may be thinking that coral pink would be a troublesome color to pull off. However, it looks right at home, matched with a pasty cream brick. Photographers and home designers love unique front door colors, as they stand out from the rest of the house, creating a more beautiful impact. Therefore, painting your front door with coral pink is an attractive option, especially with a neutral, light color as a companion. 

Sky Blue- Color expert and home stylist McLean advises that when you cannot determine what shade to paint your front door with, look at the sky for inspiration. Apply nature as an incentive for painting your front door. Sky blue is a relaxing color that portrays a welcoming hue to guests. Besides, blue shades easily blend with the natural greens around the house, making your curb appeal highly attractive. 


The front door is required to fit in your home architecturally. Do you like the traditional style? You would love the six-panel door. Are you feeling whimsical? Maybe an arched doorway with stained glass. There is a variation available for everyone, so choose the one that says something about you.


A typical single door is generally 36”-32” wide. Do you have a standard entryway, or do you require something even bigger? Such as a 42” extra wide single door. If your requirement is still not fulfilled, you can go for double doors. Also, the entryway may cover more than just the door itself, but the ornamental elements too, such as glazed transom or sidelight that require proper framing for support.


Most of the modern doors are built with steel, wood, and fiberglass. Wooden doors are not cheap, and wood can be sensitive to sun and moisture. If you have wooden doors, make sure to examine them yearly. 

Doors built with fiberglass materials are not only durable but also affordable. They can last years without requiring any touch-up. Hence, they are especially suited for harsh climates. Typically, fiberglass doors have a foam core, which acts as excellent insulation. 

Doors built with steel are not only healthy but also won’t warp or crack. However, it could dent, auto body repair kits can fix minor damage, but big dents may require you to replace it, depending on its core. Steel does conduct temperature, due to which it wouldn’t be optimal at extreme temperatures. It is one of the cheaper alternatives. However, the trade-off is its short lifespan.


Fiberglass doors are very efficient and convenient, and durable. They are easy to maintain and are also energy-efficient; they are also available in various price ranges, making it easy for you to stay within your budget. Fiberglass also comes with a variety of panel ideas with decorative glass and aesthetic finishing options. 

Fix A Budget

The most crucial step before you plan to style your house is to make a budget. It is effortless to spend more than your budget, so you must follow these tips to help from paying more than you can afford.

  • Make sure you only purchase necessary items that are durable and of quality materials. 
  • Compare upfront costs with long-term benefits. 
  • Make sure whatever you choose is energy efficient. 
  • Estimate any maintenance costs.
  • Cost of hardware and accessories to install. 

Make sure you choose a door that adds to your house’s beauty and value without any maintenance requirements. You can achieve all your needs by sticking to your budget and selecting the best you can without overspending. 


Each material has a minor variance in energy efficiency. The determining factor which decides how well a door may perform depends on installation, weatherstripping, and proper flashing. Choose your front door wisely to get that aesthetic look.