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Cleverly Hidden Storage Ideas 2

Just as time always seems lesser in our lives, so does storage space. There’s never enough to hold everything you have. You may organize areas and clear out items to create more space in your home. But that still isn’t enough. A drastic solution is to add another room which isn’t feasible for most of us. So, this article brings you some simple storage solutions that fit in with your decor and let you store essentials. 

Clever Bathroom Mirror

Are you looking for more convenience or emphasizing safety in your bathroom storage? Then, the lift-up mirror panels can be replaced with hidden storage solutions for you. These have got pull-out shelves on the sides. 

So, the mirror lets you take the necessary items out with the utmost convenience. Further, it makes sure that while viewing the mirror, you face no interruptions. 

Hidden Storage Headboard

If you have a small bedroom, slide-outs and headboards with open shelves won’t make it very good. So, here’s an intelligent alternative. Give a twist to your headboard storage, and keep your stuff hidden here. 

It will take everything behind the tufting. There are also certain sports-hinged panels to make things convenient. Best of all, this hidden storage cabinet is a quick DIY. 

Nifty Niches Bathroom Storage

Do you wish to disguise your cabinet doors with gorgeous paintings and artwork? Then, try these Nifty Niches Bathroom storages to store personal care products, bathroom toiletries, towels, and likewise. 

These are embedded inside the wall and look equally pretty in a living room. So, it is one of the most amazing hidden storage DIY tricks to save space and make it creative. 

Concealing Columns Kitchen Storage

Are you running out of space to keep your favorite recipe books on the kitchen shelves? Here’s one of the best kitchen ideas for storage. Keep your cookbooks gracefully through this idea of transforming a plain kitchen island into a little cabinet. 

You can use the column corners to store your extra kitchen stuff. So, the column panels aren’t just decorative. They all become stylish doors to those hidden kitchen columns. If you love cooking, you should surely give it a shot!

Hidden Wall Safe

Often, tiny things can be of immense value in life, both in terms of preciousness and cost. Here’s a hidden storage safe that looks like an electric outlet from the outside. 

However, it pivots out and becomes a perfect in-wall hidden storage. You don’t need to enter any secret combinations or codes. Instead, hide in here all your little yet precious belongings like money, jewelry, and cards. 

The Secret Compartment

Is it possible to keep all the craft supplies in the chair? Indeed. You can create a secret compartment inside the chair. Here’s an old wooden wheeled chair made into a glorious chair to store secretly under a cushion. 

It has enough space to keep a sufficient number of articles inside. So, you can carry the chair around the place and work with those things anywhere you want. Thus, the chair becomes a cabinet with hidden storage. 

Hidden Key Storage

Keys are among the easiest-lost things, both at home and in the office. They get missing, or we drop them somewhere accidentally. However, the major risk is that of being stolen. So, craft hidden storage to ensure you’ve safely kept these utility keys. 

You can take a look at how Planq Studio designed their wall hanging key for keeping keys and other such essentials safe. It can be behind an artwork. 

DIY Bathroom Mirror Storage Case

Many people prefer a huge bathroom mirror to get a view of how they’ll look for the day. However, you can make the mirror more functional by building secret storage behind it. 

Shanty-2-chic presents one of the most amazing hidden storage ideas for bathrooms. Now you can create a DIY Bathroom Mirror storage case by following some detailed steps and pictures. Further, it brings you printable and free construction plans to make storage easier.

Coffee Table With Hidden Storage

You can even convert a kitchen counter into a purposeful coffee table. It is super easy to make a 10-dollar counter (found in a nearby thrift store) into fashionable, hidden storage for the kitchen. So, it does not just look amazing, but the space is also well-managed. 

However, here’s the unique thing about this DIY coffee table. It can also become a TV unit any time you wish. Just open the lid and keep the television inside. Then work with some cords and begin your entertainment. What better can ten dollars get you?  

Jewelry Organizing Solution

If you have smaller pieces of jewelry scattered around that need to be put in a box, here’s an idea. You can take a chocolate box or any other with compartments in it. Try getting identical boxes if you need more than one. 

Then, stack them together somewhere. Further, if you color code or label these boxes, it will help you locate the jewelry even more quickly. 

Hidden Rollout Shelves For Laundry Supplies

You can create hidden storage areas in your house with rollout shelving ideas. This space is typically wasted. Although the space appears smaller, it gives you more storage than the normal laundry shelf. Moreover, it reduces any visible clutter in your laundry room. So, you can find areas like this in your entire home. 

Fireplace Mantle With Hidden Storage

If you’re looking for a floating shelf, here’s a fireplace mantle that can do that job. Also, since it’s customized, you can have the compartments and shelves made according to your needs. So, you can carry it anywhere. 

Your hidden storage cabinet is available in several kinds of wood and styles like maple, poplar, and oak. Also, whether you want a stain color or distressing storage is in your hands. 


The tricks given above are beneficial, whether it’s in-wall hidden storage or an external box. Especially for smaller rooms where extra cupboards aren’t practical, hanging keys behind the doors and rolling shelves for extra clothes are clever. So, pick your hidden storage idea and keep it uncluttered!