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Common Things People Forget To Clean

Cleaning is not a choice, and it is an irrevocable aspect of human life. Despite cleaning being done every day, one develops the skills of cleaning effectively only after daily practice and getting a knack for the places at home. However, even when you are a pro in cleaning your home, there are certain places where one forgets to clean. This causes the accumulation of dirt and possibly dead bugs. Hence, one needs to address such areas and clean them effectively to avoid such cases. Here are the most common things in your house where you tend to forget to clean them. 

Under Appliances & Furniture

This is the most commonly missed place where one forgets to clean. People often neglect the underside of appliances while cleaning. For instance, when you sweep the floor, you might forget to do the same under appliances or furniture like sofas, refrigerators, beds, ovens, and more. When you neglect these areas, the underside gets thick with grime. Additionally, the grime tends to get moist under kitchen appliances, and it can be a breeding ground for pests and host yellow stains. Hence, one needs to vigorously clean these areas effectively with cleaning tools and floor cleaners. 

House Plants

Many individuals love adding plants to enhance the beauty of your home. Some people keep their plants indoors, while others place them outdoors. However, the former is usually a live plant or an artificial plastic plant. Both the real and the fake plants are subject to the accumulation of dirt and dust. For the live plants, all you need to do is water the plants. On the other hand, for artificial plants, you can wipe the surface with a linen cloth or any wet cloth, and the space around it will also be dust-free. 

Kitchen Rags

Rags are some of the most common things to get rid of dust, dirt, and stains in your kitchen. It is the ultimate weapon against the dust that accumulates on your kitchen platform. But, make sure you are washing them or replacing them often. The rags you use to clean will accumulate dust, bacteria, and grime, so it is important to keep those clean as well. Not washing or not replacing it will spread the same dirt throughout the room, turning your hard work of cleaning useless or void. Hence, wash your kitchen rag or replace it every month; the former is much more sustainable. 

Under The Rug

You might vacuum your entire floor, even the top of the rug, but the one place that you forget is the underside of your rug. You will notice a pile of dirt under your rug that often creates a memory stain (mark of the carpet/rug). Hence, vacuuming both under the rug and the surface of the rug is quite essential. In addition, you can use cleaning tools like a mop and a floor cleaner to wipe off that dirt. In this way, your rug will also be new and bright as it was and will not breed allergens in your room. 

Air Filters And Vents

The environment you live in governs your health and beauty. Hence, if your atmosphere is polluted, it might affect your lungs as well as your skin. Therefore, it is pretty important to maintain your air filters and vents to establish a fresh atmosphere in your room. This promotes good health and well-being. Air filters and vents are underrated aspects of your room, but they provide a healthy atmosphere. Hence, don’t ever forget to clean and maintain air filters & vents.

Switch Boards, Walls, Baseboards, And Skirting Boards

You will be surprised to know that dust and grime can quickly accumulate on vertical places like walls and light switches. You will soon notice this by adding illumination in the room, and voila, you have a dusty and furry wall. Smoother walls usually have less dust as compared to texture walls. Additionally, people often ignore light switches while cleaning. It is the one place where you use the switch with your dirty hands and fail to wipe it off. Wipe it off with a cleaning wipe, and you are good to go! Similarly, baseboards collect tons of dust, but you can easily wipe them clean with a cleaning wipe or rag.

Door Handles & Window Sills

While one quickly notices the dirt on the windowpane, the dust and dirt accumulated on the window sills go unnoticed. There can also be dead bugs and some nasty dust on the sills. You can use a solution of white vinegar and spray it in the area. Then you can wipe off the dust easily, providing a clean look to the windows. Additionally, you can use a similar solution for wiping doorknobs and door frames where the probability of dust being trapped is high and unnoticed.

Wiping Cabinets Inner Lining

Humans are visual learners and so are forgetful about cleaning spaces that are hidden but quite important. This includes the inner lining of the cabinets where one stores food or any other equipment. Such places, especially the cabinets where food is stored, tend to get dusty. Therefore, it is necessary to wipe off the internal surface of your cabinet to keep it clean and dirt-free. 

Area Under The Sink

If you have a modular kitchen, the lower part of the sink is usually enclosed with a door. Usually, one places their dustbin or garbage in such areas where one later dumps the trash outside. Due to this, the sink area gets moist, dusty, and hosts fungus and slimy stains which are difficult to clean. Therefore, you must clean and maintain this area often to avoid getting such stains. However, shampoo is the most effective remedy if you have already encountered such slimy and greasy stains under the sink.

Screens And Keyboards

Working from home during the pandemic also brings lots of additional areas to clean. This includes your computer/laptop, your “work from home” table, and more. Even if you have a personal laptop, one tends to forget to clean their keyboard. As a result, your keyboard tends to attract dust and can be observed closely as dust trapped on the lateral sides of the keys. You can either use a mop and a duster to get rid of it. Additionally, one tends to ignore the laptop, or the computer screen tends, and you can use a screen cleaner to wipe off the dust. 


Therefore, once you establish a cleaning routine and identify such spaces, it’s easier to get rid of all the dust. You can also take care of the grime collected in your house quickly and efficiently. Managing and excelling in your chores will allow you to have additional time to rest, and you can clean your home faster.