Counter Top Designs To Stay Away From

Countertops are the essential surfaces in your kitchen because that is where you chop your veggies or present your plate, while some even prefer to turn it into a countertop cum dining table. The design you select needs to be well contrasted with the rest of the kitchen space and structure. Finding the right plan is perhaps a challenging task due to the overwhelming number of options one can select. The countertop you select needs to meet your needs, from working on fondants to setting your flames and cooking. While the shape and material range from square or circular marble tiled countertops to a textured and wooden surface, our focus mostly goes to the areas we need the best. In the bargain, we end up making the wrong choice and go in for a nasty and unstructured countertop.

Area Consuming Rectangular Side Countertop

If you have a broad and spacious kitchen, having a rectangular side countertop doesn’t create an issue. However, if your kitchen space is small and congested, you should avoid countertops with a large surface area. People with smaller kitchen space apply a logic that the countertop will make up for a larger size due to the small area of their kitchen. However, such a kitchen appears to be congested and should be a big NO, especially if you live in a joint family.

Thick-Material Surfaced Countertops

Most people will prefer heavy textured thick and dark surfaced countertops for their kitchen. Dark colors can be selected if the kitchen is spacious with incident natural light and proper ventilation. However, due to the dark colors, the light that will be reflected with be dark and shady, and therefore, you will have to rely on a high-power supply to make things brighter while you work in the kitchen at night.

Narrow-Centered Countertops

If you own an expansive kitchen, having centered countertops can add to the interiors of your kitchen. However, make sure the width is good enough for smooth movements around the kitchen. Some may get too conscious about their activities and end up installing a narrow countertop in the center of a large kitchen, making a considerable amount go to waste.

Irregular-Shaped Countertops

While square-shaped, rectangular-shaped, and circular countertops are chosen mainly by people, some prefer to be a little extra and go shapes like a triangle, pentagon, or any irregular-shaped countertop. This irregular shape will create a commotion when there are too many people in the kitchen. It may also not contract the structure of your kitchen, making the interiors look haphazard. As the shape needs to be parallel to your kitchen’s form, always go in for the traditionally shaped countertops.

Counter- Contrasting-Countertops

The color of your kitchen may be bright, and you may like a bright color as well, but that doesn’t mean you install a countertop that matches your bright walls. Instead, continually evaluate the colors of your kitchen, the flooring, the cabinets, and then select a color that contrasts nicely with the background. For example, if your cabinets and walls are dark yellows, then installing a dark yellow colored countertop is the wrong choice. At the same time, small kitchen and bright colors do not match and therefore, evaluate and then selected.

Light-Colored Countertops In Messy Kitchens

While most working people may visit their kitchen once or twice a day, a full-time home baker or a cook may spend their time in the kitchen. And when you have orders coming, it gets messy with oils stains and dyes. Therefore, be practical and equip your kitchen with a countertop that is not very dark nor very bright but is reasonable enough to clean.

Non-Coding Countertops

Your house structure may be traditional, urban, semi-urban, or thoroughly modern. This design should also be coded with your kitchen. Therefore, you are going in for a traditionally shaped countertop. Make sure your entire house has this structure incorporated in some corner, at least. For instance, if you have an American-style kitchen in the living room, having a circular countertop doesn’t add to the overall aesthetics, even if you think you are doing something different.

Very-Long Countertops

If your kitchen is long and rectangular, then long countertops can be considered. However, a square-shaped medium or small-sized kitchen will not suffice movements due to the length occupied by these long countertops. Therefore, long countertops should be installed only if you have an area as big as a MasterChef kitchen.

The Bottom Line!

While these destructive features often seem to be good, people make bad choices while installing a kitchen countertop. Therefore, make sure to evaluate your kitchen’s structure, shapes, aesthetics, and color code before you make a keen decision. Once you filter these destructive features, selecting the best fit countertop will be easy for you. Moreover, be practical and design a countertop that will help move in your kitchen with ease, enable you to work on the surface efficiently, and at the same time enhance the interiors of your kitchen.