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DIY: Stunning Tie-Dye Shower Curtains

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Stop wasting your time looking for the things which are out of your reach and are time-consuming. You can now go for the trendy tie and dye curtains which are perfect and will fit perfectly for home décor. Play with some liquid dye, and pick some household crafting material. Isn’t it good to have the same dye curtains to match your wall? Tie-dye curtains are super cost saver, and they look fabulous. 

Items To Make Tie-Dying Easier

      1. Disposable Gloves
      2. Plastic Wrap
      3. Blue Liquid Dye
      4. White Cotton Shower Curtain
      5. Funnel Plastic Trap
      6. Squeeze Bottle
      7. Vinegar
      8. Table Salt
      9. Disposable Grill Tray With Holes
      10. Rubber Bands
      11. Measuring Cup

1.   Prep Shower Curtain

Cover the curtain’s surface with the plastic trap, and make sure to cover your hands with rubber gloves. Then put the curtain into the plastic tub filled with the water. The fold doesn’t have to be perfect but make sure you keep it in the proper place not to get dirty. 

2.   The Tie-dye Technique


Spread the curtain into the work surface and then start with the tie and dye technique. From the bottom, start putting it inward and scrunch the curtain tightly together until the bottom begins to meet the top. Once the curtains are correctly crumpled together, then with the help of the rubber band, tie the curtains and hold them in place. Mase sure the ties of the curtains are visible so that it is easy for you to apply colors to them. 

Here is a tip- you can use enough rubber bands to hold the curtains in their place not to fall apart.

3.   Time To Mix Up Your Dye

See the label and follow the instructions given on the liquid dye bottle. For dying, you’ll need one tablespoon of the table salt and use the funnel if required. Then take four tablespoons of the liquid dye of your choice, and what you need to remember is to use a more dark color and less light colors to give it that tie and dye look. Now add a cup of hot water to the bottle, mix it with the dye, and shake well before using it. 

4.   Tie-dye Curtains

Now place the curtains on the grill rack. This will protect the platform from getting dirty as the excess of the dye will drip into its bottom. Now it’s time to apply the tie-dye mixture and leave some white spots. Once you complete one side, repeat the same process on the other side. Once you add the dye, warp the curtain into the plastic wrap and stay damp for 24 hours. Apply the shade to all the folded edges of the curtains and wrap it up with plastic. 

Here is a tip- the longer you leave the curtain, the more vibrant the colors are.

5.   Now It’s Time To Unwrap The Curtain

Now it’s time to unwrap the curtain from the plastic trap. To spread the colors equally, you need to add an equal amount of water and vinegar and pour it all over the curtain. Now remove the bands and put the curtains under the cold water until it becomes clear. The next step is to pop the curtains with an old towel and run the curtains below the cold water to remove the extra dye. Make sure to let the curtain dry thoroughly.

Step Tie-dye

This tie and dye technique is best when experimenting with bright and vibrant colors and bold patterns. To start the process, first, you need to fold the material, tie it with a rubber band, dip the fabric into the dye, or apply the stain with the squirt bottles. The folds you made will resist and prevent the paint from saturating into the material evenly. And the place where the dye cant reach will remain white.

There are so many patterns you can use the tie and dye technique, that is, with the scrunch technique, the sunbursts, the rainbow swirl. There are many tie-dye methods, such as the traditional method, ice dye, and dying with bleach. But make sure you follow the instructions of every technique.


Enjoy your new trendy curtain. It’s time to update from the boring printed or plain curtains and add vibrancy to your curtains. You need your creativity and just a bit of patience, and you are all set! You can achieve any pattern you want with tie-dye techniques. You’ll enjoy doing this technique and also not only the curtains, but also you’ll love dying the shirts, socks, scarfs, and anything of your choice.