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Dust Eliminating Hacks

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Does anyone else feel terrible after a cleaning session? Perhaps, most people suffer from allergies after they had a day of dusting at home or work. Dusting is not a torturous chore if you use the proper technique to execute it well. Look through these seven essential dusting hacks to save time and make cleaning an exciting and pleasing activity.

Use A Pillowcase To Dust Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are the most critical appliances that cause dust to accumulate, especially in the upper portion of the fan blades. You may use a broom to clean your fans; however, the top portion remains unattended. So then, how does one reach the top portions of the blade?

Use a pillowcase to clean the pillow blades well. Use a pillowcase soaked with alcohol or water, slide the pillowcase over each fan blade and then smoothly slide it in a lateral direction. The pillowcase will accumulate all the dust and dirt, and you will have to toss it over to clean and reuse the pillowcase for cleaning the other blade.

Use A Broom To Clean Ceiling Corners

Cobwebs are very prominent in the corners of your wall or ceiling. Instead of using a ladder and struggling with your neck to clean the top surfaces of your wall, use a broom to clean the corners smoothly. Use a broom with a long stick so that the broom bristles grab the cobwebs and dirt. You can easily reach the corners because this broom will make users reach the inaccessible areas, regions we mostly fail to clean properly. Make sure to clean the broom bristles and store them well before the next cleaning session. 

Use Alcohol To Dust Lightbulbs

Lightbulbs are easy to get dirty and dusty because they are transparent, and glass attracts dust particles. When the glass absorbs this dust, the light doesn’t get transmitted well. So even if you clean your lightbulbs with a water-soaked cloth, you may not successfully get rid of the tricky layers of dirt. Take a cloth or cotton and soak it well in 70% alcohol. To prepare 70% alcohol, mix 70 ml alcohol in 30ml of water. Rub this cotton and clean the lightbulbs well. Make sure to dry them thoroughly, and make sure to switch off the power supply.

Paintbrush To Clean The Keypad

You may find it easy to clean your desktop or speakers. Unfortunately, the keypad is the most prone tool to get dirty because dust and dirt can easily get into the corners or even below the keys. Using a dry paintbrush is the easiest way to clean your keypad, especially the nook and the corners. A little patience is required to clean every key; however, it is worth the clean. Unfortunately, most people mistake rubbing through a wet cloth which can be damaging to your PC.

Makeup Brush To Clean Intricate Items


Did you know that you should not use a makeup brush for prolonged years? Most often, we tend to throw away the not-so functional makeup tools. Instead of throwing the non-functional makeup tools out, such as makeup brushes, use them for cleaning purposes.

Your house may contain many decorative items with intricate detailing. However, these items invite a lot of dust due to the carving or depth of designs that make you inaccessible for cleaning. Instead of pouring water or using chemicals that play with their shine, brush through using your makeup brush and keep these items extraordinarily neat.

Use A Chenille Sock To Cover A Dust Mop


If you run out of Swiffer dusters, you can use a chenille sock. Slip it around a mop and use it to dust the ceiling, walls, and different types of floors. Having fibrous pores leaves spaces nice and clean. Make sure to soak the sock with warm water before you put it in the washing machine to use for the next cleaning session.

Vacuum Cleaner To Clean Your Air Conditioner


Most people will find it weird because vacuum cleans are mostly for carpets or sofas and surfaces. However, this technique is highly applicable when your air conditioner filters have been left unattended for a prolonged time. A dirty air filter clogs and hinders the fresh air that circulates within the room. In addition, canister vacuums are highly portable, which makes air conditioner cleaning super easy. 

When Is The Right Time To Keep Your Space Tidy?

If you wait for two days, you may find very little dust, but you will find a lot of dust if you wait for two weeks. Therefore, regular cleaning will keep your space tidy. However, regular can mean every day, every alternate day, or even twice a week. Cleaning also depends on factors such as pets or kids in the house, making the space more prone to get dirty. Therefore, do not follow a specific calendar but rather be punctual in cleaning.


Dust and dirt are the primary triggers for allergic reactions and respiratory infections. Therefore, one needs to be prompt in cleaning and dusting to eliminate dust mites and microbes that take captive in your house. Use the hacks as mentioned earlier to keep your house dust-free. Most importantly, you ought to have a vacuum cleaner to filter the confined regions of your home. Pollens, dust mites, and pet hairs are very prominent if you have pets in your house. Cleaning these spaces becomes very important for keeping the overall ambiance clean and neat. Make smart investments and go for these quick and simple hacks.