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Easy Interior Design Ideas

Home is the most meaningful place in anyone’s life, as we spend more time at home than anywhere else. We relax, work, gather strength, and spend time with our loved ones. Undoubtedly, your home design should be as per your choices, preferences, and requirements and fit your most desired vibe. If beautiful design styles inspire you, you are obsessed with new interior design trends, and have loads of Pinterest boards stocked with cute home decorating ideas; then you are at the right place! In this guide, you will find the most appealing design trends. 

The Roofing Megastore team carried out research and analyzed the Google Trends data to trace the top home trends during 2020, which reflected the most notable uplift in interest among people. Regardless of whether you intend a complete overhaul in the coming year or wish to redecorate a tasteless and disinteresting room, these trends will 100% inspire you to plan and put together the perfect interior. On that note, let’s get started with the top design trends in 2021!


Bright Colors

We all realize how greatly the choice of paint colors influences the home’s interior’s overall look. For making a perfect choice, the best trend to follow is the top color choices. In 2020, one of the prominent trends in color noticed was the stress on bright color palettes and intense, deep, and rich colors in pieces of furniture, lamps/lanterns, and other decor accessories. As a result, the Pantone color institute declared Ultra Violet as the prime color for 2021. The color navy blue was the  “Color of the Year”  for its timelessness and versatility. 

Natural Materials 

Natural elements are always the right choice. They are rough and tough, long-lasting, environmental-friendly, enhance indoor spaces’ climate, and look chic and smart irrespective of the interior design. Natural materials have not forgotten their significance even today. Wood, glass, stone, and metal still manage to defeat most artificial materials, not just in terms of their appearance but also due to the benefits and countless styles of ingenious arrangements. Incredibly successful in 2020 were unpainted wooden surfaces, stone compositions, living indoor plants, ceramic compositions, and wicker fittings. 

Metal Obsession

Metal interior accents and features are practical, efficient, and a modernist technique to glam up the living space, making it trendy among designers. Besides, metal lanterns excellently complement marble, glass, and coffee tables, creating a perfect choice to spice up the dining or living room. Indeed, the metal-interior obsession is real, but sometimes it may seem like an overwhelming feature in the room, especially if not paired with other furniture correctly. For preventing that, keep in mind that when you combine warm metals like brass, gold, copper, and cool-colored metals like aluminum, silver, and stainless steel, keep one ruling color and an accent. 

Colorful Kitchen Islands

One place that you will never regret investing in is your kitchen. Gone are the days of having all-white kitchens. In recent times, kitchens with a splash of vibrant colors have gotten immensely trendy. Painting some parts, like the kitchen islands and cabinets, can instantly make the room look incredibly fresh and appealing. Pairing white kitchens with a backsplash of yellow, deep blue, or muted green can make the area stand out from the rest of the room and add a sense of liveliness to your place of delicious creation. Due to all such reasons, a colorful kitchen island was one of the most fascinating and much-needed interior design trends.

Floral Printed Wallpapers

Floral wallpapers have been one of those house decorating concepts that have withstood the test of time. We are not speaking about the tacky or hippie variety, but patterns drawn from contemporary styles strive to produce a wow factor to any wall. With the demand for vibrant, lively, and contrasting colors, fashionable wallpaper designs are prepared in differing sizes and patterns to satisfy several decor styles. You can light up your boho bedroom with a feature of wildflowers on a wall. Besides, floral wallpaper leads to a popular pick for bathrooms and lobby areas, as a wall design in small spaces adds interest.

Tranquil Hues

One of the most prominent players in the universe of interior designing trends has been walls colored with tranquil shades. The comforting, mild, and universally appealing qualities have caused this color to become the favorite color design selection for 2020 interior design and fashion. It is as subtle, effortless, and neutral as green can go, but we still fancy it, and it is ideal for smaller living room designs. It is a versatile tone that appears to change when you blend it with diverse palettes thoroughly. Draw out its cooler side by combining it with steely grey shades or soften it up by incorporating cream and even light pink. 

Textured Walls

Another commonly found trend, particularly in apartment design, is the interior wall structure’s complexity with added details. Wallpapers and decorative plasters present a way to show off fabric upholstery, which is usually quite expensive. Besides, at the top of demand are a wide variety of installed wall panels, often from precious wood. The textured covering evokes a sense of proximity and connection with nature and generates extra warmth and profound lining in the room. These wall additions emit a vibe that celebrates imperfection, especially when paired well with the furniture and flooring. 

Concrete Bathrooms

In the previous year, bathroom designs were all about building a spa-like bath at home. However, in 2020 it is all about bathroom designs that are robust and practical with a dash of class and style. The most straightforward way to get the appearance is by utilizing micro concrete, which enables you to formulate a full-depth concrete finish at the top of pre-existing walls and concrete floorings. However, implementing it is not a DIY affair because there are loads of voluntary people out there to take your cash in exchange for making your bath look like it is not finished. It sounds funny, but the results are quite impressive. 

Canopy Beds

Throwbacks tend to get trending, and canopy beds are one of them. With bedrooms equaling the haven for comfort and relaxation, holding a canopy amplifies it as it offers a touch of tranquility and even luxury for that matter. The best part about canopy beds is that they look fabulous in any bedroom style or design. Despite this, thoughtful consideration has to be provided to the bed’s size, frame, and room size. You do not require super heavy-looking props as they will substantially counterbalance, especially if you have a small room. Sleek metal materials or acrylic canopy borders can create an extraordinary charm while leaving an aerial touch.


In a nutshell, enhancing your interiors as per the latest trends is an excellent way of transforming your home’s overall look. However, make sure that you consider vital aspects of location, climate, and other personal preferences and requirements before jumping onto any trends.




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