Games To Get The Family Together


You can gather one to remember when you will have many games to play all night together. Reunion brings joy to one’s life, and you can laugh together, share the memories, cry together, and can play together. Being in a family gives a beautiful experience that can burst out all the worries and can bring a lot of happiness to one’s life. We have made a list to provide you with many adventurous and funny games to play together. 

Make A Family Album

You can set up a specific area where people can gather and bring out copies of family pics that you can stick together. You can make a whole album of every family pic or every individual family member. Doing so will help relish the moments you and your family would have spent together and help you bring back those memories. Pictures are always a beautiful part of life to share the experience. You will need these things for creating a family album:

  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Stamps
  • Scissors
  • Gelatin paper 
  • Crayons, markers, colorful pens, and pencils
  • Glitter pens and powder
  • A blank scrapbook or a blank ivory sheet

The Banana Game

It would sound awkward to you, but this is a fantastic game to play with your family. Make a line of all the willing family members. Tie a banana string around the waist so that the banana is situated just above the ground. Make the Wiffle ball stand in front of each participant and ask them to move their hips so that the banana touches the ball. The first ball that will cross the finish line would be called the winner. This game will truly help to bring back the inner child of your soul. Ensure that all elderly family members get included in this game to help them rejoice in their childhood memories.

Play ball: you would already know the fun group ball games give a person. These games are among the most loved games to be played during a family reunion because they allow each participant to play and enjoy together. 

Water Balloon Toss

If you have planned the family reunion in hot summer, you must play this game. Ask everyone to stand opposite each other in pairs. Start the game by standing two feet apart, then as the balloon is passing, take a step backward. This way, let the toss go the farthest as possible. The team that would have kept tossing the balloon to the farthest will be the winner. You can always make sure that everyone keeps pursuing their interests in the game by giving prizes to the winners. Rewards need not be something big or fancy; small and goofy bonuses will work the best.

Lemon And Spoon Race

Take some lemons and place each of them on a separate spoon. Place these spoon-holding lemons in the mouths of the willing participants. Decide a goal to reach and ask every participant to start moving, holding the spoon with lemons. The participant that crosses the finish line first without letting the lemon fall will be considered the winner. This is a very healthy game in which all the family members can participate and enjoy.

Family Talent Show

You must have to admit that every family has impressive artists. You can make them show their talents to make the reunion fun and enjoyable. It would help if you ensured that those family members who think they have no talent should also come up with something different. There can be a solo, duet, and group showcase of the skills also. This will increase the participation of all the family members. Here are few ideas to get started with the talent show.

  • Sing a song
  • Recite a poem that they have learned in the past
  • Perform a skit with family members
  • Share the most memorable experience
  • Juggle
  • Play an instrument 
  • Do mimicry of a family member or an actor
  • Do a dance
  • Do a theatrical reading

This activity will make the reunion the most amazing. To make it a living memory, make sure that you record all your phone or camera activities.


Reunions are essential, and it is necessary to make them enjoyable and fun by adding some fun games. We are sure that the above ideas would have allowed you to make your family reunion a memorable one. Bring up some of these suggestions next time your family wants to play some games together and bond.