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Getting To Know Wine

If you’re just getting started with wine or working in the wine industry, we will tell you the most useful information about wine that will enhance your knowledge of wine. So basically, wine is made out of the grape. But then the question might arise in your head, why are there so many different types of wine?

That is because of the flavor and the different ingredients used to enhance its flavor. The grapes, out of which the wine is made it is called the Vitis Vinifera in Latin. These grapes are smaller, sweeter, and have thick skins, and they also contain seeds. There are 1300 varieties of grapes used in commercial production, but only 75% make up the world vineyards. The grape wine which is famous in the world is Cabernet Sauvignon.

Types Of Wine

There are primarily nine different types of wine, characterized into nine different styles, and once you taste all of them, you will have a good understanding of wine as a whole. As a beginner, you need to know that there is a subtle difference between each wine. 

Sparkling Wine

It is an exquisite taste, and this wine came first in France, and its other name is Champagne. Sparkling wine is one of the most challenging wines in the world to make.

Light-bodied White Wine

They are perfect for drinking with most foods, and they normally have green herbal flavors of bell pepper and gooseberry.

Full-bodied White Wine

They have a creamy smooth taste and involve special wine-making techniques, including oak-aging. 

Aromatic White Wine

 This is one of the oldest wine varieties in the world that have almost perfumed aromas that go into your nostrils directly. They have a rich sweet taste because of all the perfumes in them.

Rose Wine

The skins of the grape give this wine a red tint. They were popular in the late 1700s and are available in a sweet and dry flavor. 

Light-bodied Red Wine

 They are typically pale in color and are some of the most coveted wines in the world.  

Medium-bodied Red Wine

 They are called food wines as they have a flavor that balances the acidity, and they are known to match with a wide range of foods, from zesty salad to cheesy lasagna. This wine is perfect for red wine lovers. 

Full-bodied Red Wine

 This wine is the most tannic of all the other red wines. It has a deep dark color and a bitter taste that binds well into your saliva. It pairs perfectly with a fatty steak or is a stellar cocktail wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The cabernet sauvignon is one of the most famous red wines, and it is grown in nearly every region of the country. It comes from a red grape which is known for its thick and durable skin texture. The wine is dry and has a right healthy level of tannin, and it makes your mouth dry when you sip it. If you want to pick up a taste of green pepper, then you should try this wine out. Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine that you should pair with food because it does better with food than without it. 

Dessert Wine

There are several more exotic wines in the world and among which one of them is the dessert wine. They are thick as maple syrup, and they are of intense flavor.

The wine is known for its serving and handling style, and it also includes storage. 

Wine is all about choosing the right glass for the occasion. Initially, it can be difficult for you to pick a taste of the wine you like, but later, when you get used to it, you will be able to tell its quality too.

Handling Wine

When caring for your wine, you should handle it carefully. You also should serve your wine at different temperatures depending on the wine. 

Food Pairing And Wine

Pairing wine is problematic as it involves a mix of flavors and hundreds of compounds. Here are some foods that you can pair wine with:

  • Barbecues
  • Different types of cheese
  • Herbs and spices
  • Bold red wines can pair with vegetarian foods very well


You need to know about wine as it enhances your social experience to enjoy the company with others. There are different types of flavors and kinds of wine. Choose the best wine which suits your personality the best and which tastes good accordingly. This way, you can improve the taste and smell of identifying the wine.