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Hacks To Make Your House Look Modern

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Hotel and resort rooms are very appealing to the eyes. Most people want the interiors of their homes to look similar. However, it’s nothing more than a dream to many. But the good news is you can create a luxury magazine home even on a budget! This article brings you some interior design ideas and decorating tips. So, get ready to add an extra flair of style to your living spaces. 

Use Mirrors To Enhance The Size Of Your Room

Mirrors can transform your home by reflecting light and making it look brighter. However, did you know they can even enlarge your rooms visually? Here’s the trick. Large mirrors reflect the light so that even small spaces appear bigger. So, make your room feel fancier and larger. 

Pick Towels That You’re Actually Excited To Use

It is time to remove the old, dingy, discolored, and bleach-stained bath towels. They make your interiors dull and dirty. Instead, get fresh, crisp white, fluffy towels like those in a spa or fancy hotel. 

Interior designers suggest you use new towels that make your home look more luxurious. Even the guests will get triggered by the freshness and fragrance. Also, look at the home decorating tips hotels use to add luxury. 

Make Your Room Appear Bigger

If you use light colors to paint your dining room walls, the hall will appear bigger. So, people who lack space in the house can use this trick. 

Lighter, softer colors like beige and white never go out of fashion. However, if these seem dull to you, pick any soft shade like blush, pearl grey, sky blue, straw, or eggshell. 

Use Coins To Decorate Anything

It is time to get creative! Break your piggy bank, collect the coins, and begin. You can make yourself a penny floor. Also, decorate your mirror frame by gluing coins to it. If there are extra pennies, nothing is better than home decor hacks to use them!

Add A Rug

If you wish to transform your living room, adding rugs is the best idea. These define rooms and help ground furniture groupings. So, make your home space more interesting by spreading elegant carpets and rugs. 

According to interior designers, the feet of your furniture should touch the rug. It is even suggested that the entire furniture sits on the carpet area. Another hack! Whatever be the color of your tables and sofas, the grey patterned area rug goes well. 

Add Molding To Your Living Room

If you only have the occasional artwork on your walls, add molds to the chair rail. You can further add them to the ceiling and baseboard for decorating your house. 

Designers say that it need not be a Victorian-style, gaudy molding. So, you can keep it single-shape and simple. It means even single-depth molding pieces will do the hack and enhance your living space.

Shoe Rack With An Old Ladder

If you purchase fashionable shoe racks, you need not any longer. Instead, create a modern rack using an old ladder. This hack requires little to no expenses. 

Further, it’s a DIY hack, so even your kids at home will enjoy making it. So, depending on how old the ladder is, you can repaint it. Otherwise, keep it in your desired spot. The best part is now you won’t stumble on the heap of shoes at your main door. 

Keep Your Home Clean

Here’s one of the basic interior design tips. Keep your rooms clean and leave generous white space on the surfaces and walls. All the mirrors and lights you add would not brighten your home unless it’s spic and span. 

Another trick! Objects appear best when arranged in odd numbers, particularly in threes. Less is always more when it comes to elegance and luxury.

Hide Your Router

Does the router ruin the looks of your coffee table or bookshelf? But you cannot remove it because of no life without the internet. But there’s a hack to hide it. You can use a hollowed-out book. Just ensure that you cut the part that covers the vents of the routers. So, in this way, you will prevent the router from overheating. 

Update Old Fixtures

An easy and quick way to decorate on a dime is to repair and update old fixtures. Especially the kitchen knobs, drawer pulls, handles, and light switch plates. Moreover, these are inexpensive and tiny details that make your home even more elegant. Updation and repair are as vital to interior decors as painting a bedroom wall.

Light Up The Room

Source lighting and natural lighting is vital for any room. So, ensure that you don’t block windows. Also, be sure to add floor lamps and table lamps throughout your indoor space.  

According to Jilian, an interior designer, enough lighting will make your home more luxurious. If you wish to buy light fixtures, Big box stores sell them at 50 dollars. But how these lights will brighten your dining room is priceless. 

Hang Art On The Walls

If there’s no preexisting focal point in your room, you can create one by hanging artworks. The good idea is to create a multi-panel piece. It is blowing up one picture onto three panels. Then, you can buy your favorite kind of art or display a gallery-type frame.


Expert interior designers recommend the hacks above to make your homes resemble lavish hotel rooms. Apart from these, you can add accessories like coffee tables and books to your living room. Stylish cutlery in dining rooms and decorating bedroom ceilings are some of the best hacks to make your living spaces elegant. So, take away the hacks you love and create jaw-dropping interiors.