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How Floating Shelves Could Save Your Storage Issue

Even though you had taken hours to plan the rooms for your house by covering every little detail, do you still have storage problems? And do you feel there’s no other way this issue could be solved other than making the rooms a little smaller and adding the storage space? Well, what if that’s not the only option you have, and what if there are many ways to ensure you always have storage space? 

There is one specific option that may match your demands. By choosing this one, you would have storage space and also save up the floor space. Have you ever thought of floating storage shelves? Well, if you haven’t, this is the time you may give it some thought.

Living Room

Well, what better place to start with other than the living room? It is the central area of the house and the most social one. Constructing inbuilt cupboards for your showpieces might be a good idea, but floating shelves are better than that. Glass cabinets can seem like an easy idea, but these are very common. Shelves are perfect when you have minimal living room décor. Place the shelves on different parts of the wall in an organized and chic way.


Your kitchen can also benefit from using floating shelves. With all the floor cabinets filled with utensils, there is often no space for all the jars. Items like mugs, spices, or other items used often would be perfect on a floating shelf. It makes the kitchen look more organized and also solves the problem of storage. The shelves can be placed at a height so that there is no interference with the counter’s appliances. 

The Dining Area

If you want to give a more intimate and romantic feel to your dining room, floating shelves can be your best take at it. You can place the shelves symmetrically and place artwork or pictures on top of them. You can also use cove lights to give them a different look. You can either use different colors of shelves or go for the same color.

The Bedroom

Another room where using floating shelves will give a different look to the area in the bedroom. Though we do not have much problem with the storage in bedrooms, hanging the photo frames on the wall is just a cliched décor we follow. If you have shelves in the bedroom, you can place your books on that, or even plants. That would also be an efficient way to bring a new look to the bedroom. 

The Bathroom

You may have realized up until now how versatile floating shelves can be. Bathrooms are the one place where we often may face storage problems. How many small cabinets can you install up there? Floating shelves can hold towels, shampoo, soaps, and all the other necessary things. If you use these, they might seem practical and versatile.

Ways To Decorate Floating Shelves

There will surely be one place where you would find the floating shelves as a necessary tool. Let’s talk about how efficiently you could use these shelves and make them look more decorative.

If you use the shelves in your bedroom, you can place your book collection on them. Small indoor plants would also be an excellent choice for your bedroom shelves.

Using the shelves in the kitchen can be a great way of showing off your kitchen collection. It can also be helpful if you keep your spices on that. In that way, you would have the herbs at one hand’s distance.

If you feel that your hallway is a little dull, using these shelves would be the easiest and most efficient way of doing it. That would help liven up the area.

The Bottom Line 

Shelves are the most versatile and magical designs. It just seems to work in all the spaces. Floating shelves are perfect when you have a decoration spree or even when you are facing storage problems. And they also come in different sizes and styles, so you wouldn’t have to worry if they match the wall color or space. By now, you may be pretty convinced to use the floating shelves for your house.