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How To Attract Bluebirds

You may be a bird watcher or a bird lover. Staying around these flying creatures is perhaps an excitement on an extreme level. Only the bird lover will understand the awe when you get an eye-shot photograph of your most loved bird.

Birding doesn’t always mean waking at 5 am and getting set with binoculars and a camera. Sometimes, birds can come to visit you instead of you going out for them. Among many exciting and colorful birds are the notable bluebird species with mesmerizing color and shape. There are three bluebird species- eastern bluebirds, mountain bluebirds, and western bluebirds found in the US. Though all these three species are migratory, many of them are located in the backyards of most of the houses.

Here are seven ways by which you can lure them towards your yard.

Treat Them With Mealworms

Even a toddler will like you if you offer him chocolates and ice cream. These creatures too relish food and eat mealworms. Ensure you insert the feeder near the nest box and not in a place close to the predators. Offering them insects is another way to lure them because they require a protein-rich diet during hatching.

Construct Unique Bluebird Feeders

Make sure you install feeds with more enormous walls and roofs and smaller holes. Also, remember that bluebirds prefer entrance holes. The walls can be as tall as four to six feet to ensure enough space. The birdhouse should be squirrel-free so that the live mealworms are not a treat to them. Also, these bluebirds are very particular about their safety and so protect them from attacks of raccoons.

Provide Native Plants

Bluebirds love blueberries, and so you can try planting blueberry shrubs in your yard. Some of the berries they cherish include hackberry, pure berry, Blueberry, and blackberries. Plant these in corners with lawn surrounding to make an attractive spot.

Gift Them Nesting Material

Birds need shelter to keep them safe from predators and safe during intense weather. However, it’s not a good gesture to provide for these beautiful birds because Nature has its way to offer them. But little tactics can cause no harm. These birds chose fragrant pine and grasses, and so you can make these materials available to them around your garden. Also, planting trees and plants would make their nest-building easy, acting as hardcore protection.

Provide A Moving Water

Mountain bluebirds love water to keep their feathers attractive. They can even quench their thirst in the summers and will be attracted to your garden. Because they usually move around in groups, make sure to build a more extensive water bath that will accommodate four to five birds together. One piece of advice is to construct moving water with dippers and wigglers to keep the water clean, and the splashes will attract their ears.

Some More Tips For Managing Bluebirds

    • – You will have to monitor the bluebird houses to discourage house sparrows regularly.
    • – Cleaning the birdhouses is also essential to encourage a clean brood and stay.
    • – Regularly cleaning the water is also essential to keep avian diseases at bay.
    • – They can visit you year-round, including the summer, winter, and spring.
    • – Minimize the use of insecticides and pesticides because it is harmful to these birds consuming them.
    • – Opt for blooming and color flowers that will ensure attractive eyes all around the year because their visits can decline during the fall.

The Bottom Line!

Attracting these beautiful birds is not an easy task. A lot of patience and creativity goes into appealing them towards your lawn. Also, a piece of advice would be to regularly clean the property because the grass’s correct length would make insects visible to the birds. Because different bluebirds require different habitats, you may have trouble at the start. But remember, once these creatures get accustomed to your garden, they will be loyal audiences maintaining their fidelity until the end. 

Watching these tiny creatures move around is a treat to the eyes. You will surely love their company. Above all, they will also keep your lawn away from insects and predators that cause a mess. Follow these easy tips and flaunt your garden with flocks of bluebirds. Also, remember to capture moments that can be treasured because these birds are fun and unique.