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How To Clean Windows The Right Way

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Window cleaning may seem like a simple task. All it takes is a piece of damp cloth, a window cleaner, and some old newspaper, right? While it’s true that window cleaning is simple, yet many people don’t get it right. Whether you are an experienced at-home window cleaner or a novice in this field, you can benefit from this refresher course on cleaning windows the right way and effortlessly getting streak-free results.

⦁ Hosepipe, or a bucket of water,
⦁ Damp sponge or piece of cloth for scrubbing,
⦁ Window cleaner (you can use a commercial window cleaner or create a DIY window cleaning solution),
⦁ Dry microfiber cloth or old newspaper for drying the windows (you can also use a squeegee).

With all these supplies ready, now is the time to clean the windows from the insight. Here is how to go about the process.

The Cleaning

Start by spraying a generous amount of window cleaner on the inside of your window. You can use a dry towel to catch any spills. Now using a damp cloth, wet sponge, or squeegee, remove the window cleaning solution.

Dry The Window

Once you have cleaned the inside of the window, dry the area using a squeegee or old newspaper or a few pieces of dry microfiber cloth.

Don’t Forget The Frames

As you clean your windows the right way, don’t forget to clean the frames as well. While you can clean the window frames from the outside, it’s a good idea to clean them first on the inside and make up for any residue as you move to the next part of window cleaning.

Remove Dirt And Stains

Start by removing the dirt and stains. You can use a dry cloth to remove the stains and dirt, or you can also use a hose pipe or wash the exterior of the windows using a bucket of water.
For stubborn stains on your window’s exterior, such as bird’s dropping, make sure you saturate the stain using water or a solution of water and vinegar for several minutes before cleaning the window.

 Clean Using A Window Cleaner

Once you have removed all the dirt, now is the time to use a window cleaner. You can directly spray the cleaner over the exterior of your window and wipe it using a damp sponge or a soft, microfiber piece of cloth.
This is the stage where you can also use a DIY window cleaner (such as the one made by mixing equal parts of vinegar and water), or you can also use a diluted solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid.

Remove the Cleaner

If you are using a solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid, you need to remove the cleaner using a hose of water or by wiping the cleaning solution using a damp cloth or sponge.

Final Words

Cleaning the windows the right way may take a lot of time and effort, but it’s all worth it when you can enjoy the sunshine and unobstructed view of the outside world through a streak-free window.