How To Clean Your Gutters

Every house has a gutter system or a waste system to store excess waste. Gutters are important as they keep the water and the dirt away from the home to keep the home clean. People usually face many problems in the stormy season because gutters become dirty and clogged with dirt. Therefore, it is important to clean it from time to time. Cleaning gutters can be dreadful, and it can be a tedious job to clean all those necessary evils. However, the truth is you cannot neglect it, or it may not be wise enough or a good decision to neglect it. Gutters ensure that the stormwater and dirt don’t find their way into your house. 

If you don’t clean your gutters, the water can damage the roofing or your deck. The gutters’ water goes straight down to the downspouts, meaning they can reach your foundation and can enter your basement, making it stay moist and a home for several bacteria and fungi. 

Several ways can make the job easy. No matter how you start, the first step is to determine and examine whether any clogs are existing, and if there are any, what might have caused the gutter to get clogged. Many small things can cause gutters to clog, the main is the twigs and dry leaves, but even small decomposed matter can clog them. Here are the best ways to clean those pesky leaves or twigs out of your gutters.

Can You Clean Your Own Gutters?

Cleaning gutters is a type of task which you need to tackle on its own. Cleaning gutters involves time and potential hazards. It requires a small ladder, going up and down the ladder and then scooping the gutter’s dirt. The frequency at which you need to clean them depends on the time of year. Usually, you will need to clean your gutters once every fall and spring.  

Cleaning The Gutter With A Leaf Blower

The leading cause that can cause the gutters to get clogged is the dry leaves that can cause obstruction. Leaf blowers have a nozzle attached to release a stream of air. It is a piece of great machinery to get your gutters clean. If your gutters are up and you have to climb to reach them, then position your ladder so that the air that is released can blow the leaves automatically towards the downspout.

Just make sure that you don’t blow the leaves into the downspout. Lastly, remove any leaves or dirt with the help of a hose. If you are afraid to climb a ladder or don’t have a ladder, you can find the leaf blower’s specialized attachment and extend it.   

Cleaning Gutters Using Wet Or Dry Vacuum

Heavy debris can clog your gutters, so you need to clean them from time to time. Use a wet or a dry vacuum cleaner that carries the hose and curved attachments. You can reach the obstructed gutter while standing on the ground. Sometimes, stubborn stuck-up dirt needs to be a little moist before getting sucked into the vacuum. When you have cleaned the gutter, flush the gutters and downspout the water from a garden hose.

Use A Power Washer To Clean The Gutters

When you don’t clean the gutter at least twice a year, spring and fall, when the season is moist and windy, a layer of dirt and all the dust particles may accumulate over time. Blast it away with the help of a power washer. This cleaning can be a little messy, so be sure to rinse the exterior walls after cleaning the gutter. For the clogs in the downspouts, you can use the pressure washer. Rinse the shaft by simply pointing the nozzle down the hole and wash it until the water freely runs through it.

Cleaning Gutters With A Garden Hose

If you have the habit of cleaning the gutters often, and when there is not much to clean, you can clean it with the garden hose. Make sure you have the right attachment with it, which means a curve end. It does not require a ladder, and you can stand on the ground and clean. Start by cleaning from the farthest till the downspout and flush till the length of the channel. In the end, make sure to remove the residual waste before it gets dried.

You Can Clean Gutters By Hands

For this method, you would need a ladder, a gutter scoop, or if you don’t have one, a garden trowel will do, and yes, a pair of heavy-duty gloves. Slowly remove the leaves and all the dirt which is clogging and put it into the bucket. Then later, when you have done, clean the gutter by flushing it till the downspout with water, till you make sure both a reworking properly. This method is time-consuming, so make sure that you do it when you are free. You can always use a plumber snake to bust out the clogs in the downspout and eventually rinse with a hose.

You Can Use Applicators To Clean The Gutter

These are like heavy-duty sponges. You can use them by attaching them at the end of the long pole, like a pole you may use to paint. A gutter applicator removes the accumulated dirt and debris. It is not useful for cleaning the heavy dirt, possibly like a big heap of leaves and large twigs. 


There are many ways to clean gutters. For an easy way, you need a good pair of gloves and a ladder. Many other tools can do the job better. At the same time, you need to be safe. There are many options that you can use for cleaning the gutter. You can try different tools according to which is preferable for the gutters. So don’t forget to try the different methods and opt for the one which suits you best.