How To Fix Holes In Your Carpet

It could be annoying to see that nasty hole in your otherwise perfect carpet. Can you fix it? Yes. Does it have to ruin your entire day? Absolutely not. Patching carpet is easier than you have known. You can fix carpet holes in less than an hour, and this will also save you the money you would have to spend on carpet professionals otherwise. 

How To Fix Holes In Your Carpet

First of all, let’s have a look at the materials and tools you’ll need:

  • Carpet Remnant That Matches The Carpet Around The Hole
  • Empty Can (If You Don’t Have The Carpet Hole Cutter)
  • Scissors
  • Utility Knife 
  • Masking Tape
  • Single-sided Carpet Tape
  • Marker
  • Empty Can (Optional For Tracing)

Most of the materials are pretty easy to find. If you’re thinking about carpet remnants, you can also use the leftover carpet from your previous install. If you don’t have it, you can also buy the same carpet from the store. Let’s begin with the process.

Step 1 – Make An Imprint On The Damaged Area

Rub your hand over the damaged section of the carpet and note which direction makes the carpet fibers stand up. Now press the carpet hole cutter but remember, do it without blades, or use an empty can for this step. Press the empty can over the carpet in the middle of the hole. This will leave an imprint. 

Step 2 – Cut Out The Damaged Section

With the carpet hole cutter or utility knife, cut out the damaged piece of carpet that you’ve outlined in step one. After you complete the cutting, use your hands to remove any stray carpet fibers. 

Step 3 – Take Carpet Remnants 

After cutting the piece out from the carpet, you will need the replacement carpet. 

Step 4 – Trim The Repair Piece

Now repeat the same step as you did in step 1 and mark an outline in the remnant. Make sure you cut out the remnant piece as close as possible to the size of the new hole you made in the carpet. If you use a utility knife instead of the carpet hole cutter, make sure you try to copy the same movement and create a circle of the same shape and size.

Step 5 – Add The Carpet Tape

Take a single-sided tape and cut pieces that are long enough to fill the gap in the carpet. While doing this, make sure you cut the tape two or three inches longer than the width you’re trying to cover. It’s because you’ll have to pull up the carpet around the hole and insert some tape under it. 

Now peel off the adhesive, pull the carpet around the hole, and put the tape under the rug. Now repeat this as many times it’s needed to cover the entire hole. 

Step 6Patch The Carpet

Now firmly insert the carpet remnant into the hole until it comes in the level of the old carpet. Once you’ve placed the carpet, gently press the edges for around three to four minutes, and if you see any gaps, shift the fibers to hide those gaps. 

Step 7 – Trim Any Uneven Fibers

If you see any uneven fibers on the carpet, take a pair of scissors and chop off any longer fibers. 


As you have seen, patching a carpet hole isn’t that hard. This is an easy fix that many can do, depending on the texture of the carpet. Many stores offer a variety of carpet samples that may work to patch your carpet. Remember that this job is best with carpenters tape.