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How To Get Rid Of Pesky Pet Hair

If you’re a pet owner, you know that pet hair can be a real nuisance. Not only does it make your house look messy, but it can also be challenging to clean up. Not to mention the struggles for those with allergies to pet hair. While the problem certainly doesn’t go away any time soon, there are some things you can do to make it a little easier to deal with. This guide will show you some different ways to get rid of pesky pet hair so that your home stays nice and clean!

Why Does Pet Hair Seem To Get Everywhere?

Pet Hair

Pet hair is a common household nuisance that every pet owner has encountered. Unfortunately, the attraction of pet hair to clothing and fabrics seems inherent; no matter how long you groom them, your furry friends are remarkably adept at leaving their calligraphy in the form of moist shed fur wherever they go. This effect is often compounded throughout the summer months when pets naturally shed more, leaving you with a seemingly never-ending struggle against your own inner vacuum.

Except, it’s not just fur that contributes to this phenomenon; dander – tiny flakes of skin – as well as saliva, dust, and other debris, cling to your pet’s fur while they roam around the house, leading to what appears like an allergen minefield when you least expect it.

Ways To Get Rid Of Pesky Pet Hair

Aside from the obvious solutions like frequent grooming to remove shed fur and deep cleaning to get rid of dander, there are some other clever ways that you can try in your efforts to keep pet hair out of sight and off of your furniture. These include:

Microfiber Dry Mop

Pet Hair

A microfiber dry mop is beneficial in keeping your home pet hair free. The special fibers of the microfiber material pick up an amazing amount of pet hair while trapping dust and other small particles like a magnet. It is the perfect tool for quickly and easily tackling those hard-to-reach places such as under furniture or against baseboards.

With a simple swipe, you can quickly and efficiently eliminate all unwanted messes. Not only that, but these mops are incredibly easy to clean and can be used repeatedly for long-lasting results. So why go through all the hassle when a quick sweep with a microfiber dry mop can keep your home looking great in no time?

Rubber Gloves

Pet Hair

Rubber gloves provide a simple yet effective way of removing pet hair from furniture and other surfaces with ease. Firstly, ensure you are wearing a pair of rubber gloves and that the surface has been lightly dampened. Next, use your hands to stroke the surface in long sweeping motions, lifting up any pet hair. You may want to rinse your hands occasionally, as the glove may become filled with hair.

Lastly, once you feel no more hairs can be removed, you can use a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining traces of pet hair. Using rubber gloves allows pet owners to conveniently remove their furry friend’s fur while saving time and effort simultaneously!

Pumice Stone

Pet Hair

If you are trying to get pet hair out of your carpet, you may find that a pumice stone provides an effective and chemical-free solution. Using a dry pumice stone, simply rub it along the surface of your carpet to remove any loose fur. The stone will penetrate deep into the pile to break down the fur and release it from the carpet fibers, allowing you to easily remove any trapped hair. Not only is this method completely natural, but it also eliminates the need for harsh chemicals which can be toxic to pets or irritating to anyone who suffers from allergies.

Just vacuum the area afterward to ensure no residual fur remains. Using this unique method, pet owners can quickly and easily remove pet hair from carpets without worrying about toxic chemicals or the need for expensive cleaning products.

Dryer Sheets

Pet Hair

You may not have realized it, but dryer sheets are an excellent tool for removing pet hair from furniture, clothes, and carpets. All you need to do is simply run the sheet over the area with pet hair, and particles will cling to the sheet. Many pet owners swear by this method because of how quickly and efficiently it works; plus, it’s a much cheaper solution than buying expensive tools designed for removing pet hair.

Additionally, dryer sheets also leave fabrics feeling soft and smelling great! So no more worries about furry friends leaving behind their fur all over your home – just grab a dryer sheet and get those pesky hairs out in no time!


Pet Hair

If you notice that pet hair is covering all your favorite clothes, you may want to consider using vinegar in your laundry to remove the hair easily and quickly. This method is inexpensive and effective, but it will also leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean – no more funky smells from all that pet hair! All you need to do is add a quarter cup of vinegar to the wash cycle, and the hair will be eliminated without fuss.

But remember to test the vinegar on a small section of your clothing to ensure it doesn’t ruin the fabric or color. Once you’ve tried this method, you’ll never go back to using harsh chemicals or expensive products again – just a small amount of vinegar will keep your clothes looking and smelling great!

Air Purifier

Pet Hair

Not only can pet hair get all over your furniture and clothes, but it can also linger in your home air. If you want to remove pet hair from the air once and for all, then an air purifier may be just what you need. An air purifier can help eliminate pet hair and other pollutants such as dust, dander, and other allergens. Many air purifiers use a filtration system, which traps the particles in the air and collects them as waste.

This means that you can effectively remove pet hair from your home without dealing with all the mess and hassle of cleaning up afterward. So if you’re tired of constantly finding stray pet hairs on your couch or clothes, then an air purifier is a quick and easy solution that will have you breathing clean and fresh air in no time!

Try These Different Methods To Get Rid Of Pesky Pet Hair!

There are many tools and methods for removing pet hair from your home, ranging from pumice stones to dryer sheets to air purifiers. Whether you prefer natural, chemical-free methods or want something more high-tech and effective, there is a solution for removing pet hair from your home once and for all! Depending on your specific needs and preferences, you may find that one method or tool works better than others. The important thing is to be willing to experiment and find the best solution for you.