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How To Maintain Your Solar Panels


Leaning towards the green-lifestyle and have invested in solar panels? Then, you should be aware of these maintenances that the solar panels demand from time to time for efficient functioning.

The panels generally last long and rarely require servicing. However, if not taken care of, certain things may decrease its efficiency, like dirt build-up. Hence, to ensure that you are getting the right benefits for your investment, follow the list below.

Solar Panels: Your Most Efficient Renewable Energy Source!

Though there are many forms of renewable energy sources, nothing comes close to the solar cells when it comes to implementing one at an individual scale.

The solar cells using photovoltaic phenomenon (which includes many physical and chemical processes) converts the sunlight into electrical energy; thus, generating electricity. This then powers your house and its needs.

The solar cells are highly efficient and can power up your entire house depending on the type and number of panels installed and light intensity. The panels also call for little to no attention because of the lack of moving components, making it an efficient alternative energy source.

Dirt And Other Litters On The Panels


The solar photovoltaic cells work when the solar light falls on them. Hence, any kind of debris on top of it hinders its output efficiency.

Generally, things get washed off with the rain or the wind. However, it is better to check up the panels once in a while to ensure there is no dirt on them. Clean your panels with a long broom or light sprinkling of water. Don’t perform activities that can damage the cells.

The same goes for panels after turbulent weather conditions. Make sure that the panels and other components are not damaged. You can install automated cleaners or have an appointment with the firm if you don’t want to do it yourself. 

Well-Lit Area

The solar radiations must fall on the panels, so make sure to look out for stuff like trees and other things that can cast shade on the panels. This drastically decreases the efficiency as they only function when the sun is up. Install the panels at a place where shade never falls as the sun moves.


It is good to keep a track record to note the efficiency of the panels installed. 

This will help you know how much output the panels are giving and how external agents like cloudy sky impact it.

An added benefit of the integrated monitoring system is that it will notify the malfunctioning of the panels at once, saving you from loss.

Check Snowfall

Unlike water, the snow does not runoff. Though it melts faster on the panels than on other surfaces, the snow gets accumulated on the panels during heavy snowfall.

Scraping them off without damaging the cells is quite a task. Hence, invest in snow rakes and gently scrape them off. In case of difficulty, don’t hesitate to call the service providers.

Check Electrical Add-Ons

Solar panels are not a single working unit. It has many components that transfer the converted energy into your electrical system for you to use.

Main components like inverter, wirings, ventilation, etc., are some of its components that may require inspection once in a while to ensure they are working correctly.

In case of loose wiring or overheating, don’t attempt to handle things by yourself. Call the operators for maintenance. Make sure the system works fine on restarting after switching off the battery. 

Why Maintenance?

It is essential to look into the points mentioned above because of two points.

One, the initial cost of installing is high; hence, if you cannot use the output, the investments go to waste.

Second, the cost of repair is not low. Hence, if anything breaks, the repairing cost will imply a double investment from your side. However, most of the things are under warranty, and the panels generally can have a lifespan of over 30 years if things go well.

Does This Eliminate Your Carbon Footprint?

 A shift of people using solar and other renewable resources to power things up rather than burning fossil fuels indeed has a long-term impact. This will help in reducing carbon emission and thus its resultant implications.

But it would be essential to understand that the initial carbon footprint that we are leaving in the atmosphere is large. The energy that goes into the production of these solar cells is enormous. But yes, the subsequent use nullifies and yields a better green result.


Going green is the call from nature in present times. Hence, going green is the best investment you can make for yourself and nature if you can invest a little. It is important to know the proper way to maintain your solar panels because their investment is not small, and you want to make sure you are getting the most out of them.