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How To Make A Small Living Room Amazing

If your living room is small and you want to make it look unique, then you can design a space that matches your design aesthetic with focused creativity and well-curated furnishings. Read ten ideas below to lighten up your small living room in easy ways. Compare the furniture to fit the size of the living room and don’t block walking pathways. Bulky and oversized sofas and lots of furniture can make the living room look smaller.

Fortunately, with the beauty of creativity and the power of the internet, no matter how small your living room is, there are plenty of design layouts and ideas you can find out there that will apply to your living situation.

Expand A Small Living Room With Nature

Using a mirror can open up a small living room, and you can combine other key elements with this design to help. Choosing an airy and light color scheme, and adding a pale wooden floor with a combination shade will elevate a small room. Natural light, airy space, and plants can make a small living room look bigger. Windows also reflect the greenery outside and bring it in. 

Add A Feature Wall In A Warm Color

If you want your living room to feel cozy and relaxing, then in a small space, you may feel anxious about introducing too many dark colors for fear of making the room feel cramped. So, pick a rich, warm color for the space that’s all about relaxation. 

Embrace The White Walls

White walls can create a calm and relaxing mood. You can consider including a white-on-white interior. Matching the white walls with equally colored furniture is a straightforward and elegant way to make any small room feel brighter and larger. You can also add splashes of texture and pops of color. 

Extend The Storage Potential

The key in a small room is to make the most of every space available. For storage, think and create various storage solutions that use vertical space on walls, unused corners, and nooks. Floating shelves are an affordable way to use a recessed area for storage. Staggering them lets you use both sides of the wall. The accessibility helps to keep the living room looking airy and light. Also, do not overwhelm the space with clutter; use the shelves for displaying your favorite books and trinkets.

Install Smart Lights

Go for lighting that can be hung from above and attached to the walls to save room floor space. Lights like swing-arm sconces help free up space on the floor and bring dimension to the room walls that are a perfect situation for small living rooms.

Swap A Sofa For Club Chairs

If you don’t have any room for both a sofa and club chairs, forget the sofa and go for two cozy armchairs. If there’s a fireplace in your living room, then angle them towards it to reflect coziness. A bulky sofa can quickly take up half of the living room space, so if you have a tiny room, you can go for club chairs instead of a couch. 

Wall-Mount And Conceal A TV

A wall-mounted TV is always an excellent option for small living rooms. It won’t take any space, and securely mounting your TV to the wall will create a smooth look, saving up space beneath. Also, above a fireplace helps to use up otherwise redundant wall space too.

Light Up A Small Living Room

Light helps brighten up a small room, so first and foremost, allow natural light to flow indoors by taking down dark window coverings. Place white wooden shutters or white blinds or try sheer window treatments to let the natural light come into your living room during the day while together providing nighttime privacy. Also, wide horizontal slats help to increase the illusion of a wider living room. 

Dark corners can make a room appear cramped and small so put up a table or floor lamp in a corner to lighten up the area, while ceiling lights can brighten an entire room without taking up much space.

Layer Coffee Tables

Sometimes a set of tables are too small for your living room, but a large coffee table is also not an option. So, two-layered streamlined coffee tables will work like a charm for your small living room as they don’t acquire any extra space and provide a handful of areas. 

Raise The Ceiling With Vertical Stripes

If the low ceiling of your small living room is hampering your style, then you can go for vertical stripes. The subtle vertical stripes raise the roof and make the low ceiling of a small living room seem higher.

Final Words

Small homes and apartment homes that are short on space can still be stylish. A nicely designed living room with plenty of covered storage and furniture in contrast to the area can achieve convenience and comfort. The key trick lies in planning and creativity. A great tip is to choose chairs and a couch and a glass coffee table; both will keep the look much more open and free space, letting light stream under and around the furniture, making your small living room amazing.