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How To Store Your Valuables Discretely At Home

Being prepared always pays off. Be it for the exams or an interview. The best-prepared ones are bound to succeed if little luck shines on them. 

You are keeping your valuable, safe works like this too. Better you are at stowing your things away, the more chance you have for your valuables to remain hidden even when the thief strikes. The key is to hide and camouflage them among your daily household items. When a thief strikes, he mainly rummages through the lockers and safes. They won’t have time to sit down and check which stair has a hidden cabinet, right!

Create A Hidden Cabinet

Make a small cabinet space during your home or renovation construction and use it to stack your essential documents or valuables. The cabinet can be made at any place to your convenience as long as it doesn’t stand out too much and you can identify it.

Secret Storage

Store your goods in large unused containers like paint tins, cereal boxes, or other large receptacles that are part of your daily household. Stack this box among the other packs in a certain way so that you may remember when you need them. You can also convert empty spaces in appliances like vacuum cleaners into your secret storage.

Secret Compartment/ False-Bottom

Make a secret compartment in your cupboard cabinet or your drawers by making a false bottom. Ensure that the drawers (or the cupboard) have almost the same depth and not too much hollow space to avoid raising suspicion.  

In Your Fridge/ Garage

Keep your valuables in a container and put them aside in your refrigerator. It is unlikely for a thief to rummage through your food, thus keeping them hidden. You can also put them hidden among various toolboxes or the equipment you have in your garage.

Behind The Drawers

The drawers of a cabinet hold a small space along the sides and the back. You can use this space to tape away some emergency stash of money or important documents. Put them inside an envelope and tape them finely without revealing any edges. Also, ensure that your drawer still goes in smoothly as the others.


If you have some decorative shelves sprawled across your homes, then use them as your hide-out. Invest a little or buy a shelf that comes with a hidden space that can be opened from below or slide out. Cover the shelf with showpieces to make it look unassuming.

False Stair Tread

Make a cabinet under the stairs by removing the existing tread and filling the space with your treasures packed in a box that matches the tread’s size. Then reattach the tread to camouflage it with the surrounding. 

In The House Pots

Bury your valuables in the pots. Put your valuables in a plastic bag or a container and bury the container in the pot. You don’t need to bury it too deep inside. Keep them hidden with small plants, rocks, or other accessories.

Albums/ Books

Some books never leave their place for a long time! Make use of these books to stack your money/ bills or cut out a small space in them to store things. It is also unlikely for a thief to check through every leaf of your album. Keep some money stacked among your old photographs.

To Keep Your Spare Key

Hide your spare key in plain sight yet undetected by the eyes of the unknown. You can create various places that are unassuming yet holds a tiny space to house your key. For example, inside your keypad, inside the gardening accessories like a sprinkler head, or an empty bird’s home.


Storing them up in these unconventional ways may not guarantee you foolproof success. But they are still better than the safes, which are the primary target of the intruders. However, make sure you remember the spaces, or you’ll have to play a treasure hunt to track them down.