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How To Upcycle Your Old Bath Towels

We have many towels and various kinds in our homes. Once they get frayed and old, we do not wish to use them for their primary function because they lose their efficacy and comfort. But just because they are not good enough for their primary function doesn’t mean they can’t be used for other secondary functions. There are many ways in which we can reuse our old towels. You can make a lot of different things from them. Here we have a collection of some of the many uses of old towels.


Cleaning Rags

This is the most conspicuous reuse of an old towel. It hardly takes any time to turn old towels into cleaning rags. Just cut them into your desired size and hem the edges if you need to; otherwise, they are good enough without hemming too. Then, use them in the garage or any other household work. They will save you some money, also, and not much DIY is needed for this.

Bath Mat

You can make attractive bath mats out of old towels. You can do this in many ways. For example, you can sew up two old towels together or cut strips out of old towels, braid them into a bath rug, fold them the required size, sew piping around to make a border, and give it a finished look.

Dish Drying mats and Dish Towels

The old towels may not be good enough for you, but they are still absorbent enough to dry up dishes very well. You can also make dish drying mats by cutting them into your kitchen countertop size and using them for drying dishes. 

Ironing Board Pads and Covers 

You can quickly refurbish your old ironing board by making new padding for it with the old towel. Of course, old blankets are the best for padding, but old towels do well too. First, lay the old ironing cover on your towel and cut it out according to the size. Next, take a sheet and cut it a little extra than the board size to cover the board’s sides and make a drawstring pouch. It’s a handy DIY for your ironing board and saves you the money you would have otherwise invested in a new ironing board. 

Picnic Blankets

It is yet another excellent idea that doesn’t require much sewing skill. Take at least two towels and just cut each of them into two halves to have four squares. Now sew them together to make a blanket. You can even use your imagination to alternate the pieces’ colors to give them a good pattern. Moreover, you can attach another towel to it to make a giant blanket. Roll it up and keep it in the picnic basket.

Baby Bibs

In one towel, you can make as many as 15 bibs. Just cut the bib’s shape and hem the edges or sew a bias tape of coordinating color and print and extend the tape to make the ties. This is a good sewing project for beginners in sewing. These look even more attractive if you use bright print towels. They are super absorbent and so comfortable that you make another set in just an hour. 

Pet Cushion or Pet Shelter Supplies 

Very effective use of old towels is to turn them into your furry friend’s cushion. This is also a fun and simple project. Use a couple of towels, fold them in half, and sew them together to make it cushioned and comfortable for your pet. Then, put some fiber in between to make it soft and fluffy. 

You can even donate your old towels to a pet shelter near you. They use it as pets’ bedding, towels, cleaning rags, toys, and more. So keep collecting your old towels in a box and donate them once it is full.

Kitchen Towel or Hand Towel

Out of a large bath towel, you can make many small hand towels and kitchen towels as well. The more imagination you use, the better the result would be. For example, you can attach some different prints or a border to make it look appealing. 

Some other ways in which you can upcycle your old towel is by turning them into cloth caddy, toy, pillow, bag, pot holders, spa towel wraps, Swiffer covers, spa slippers, pool robe for children, knee pads, and more. There are innumerable things you can make out of old towels. Upcycling the old towels requires using a sewing machine unless you are just making cleaning rags. With the help of a little sewing skill and your imagination, you can make amazing things out of your old stuff.

Final Thoughts

Quiet likely of other houses, your home too will have old towels tossed around. You might want to consider upcycling rather than discarding; after all, repurposing is neither challenging nor time-consuming. Shared above are DIY project ideas to turn around your discarded towels into brand new-looking bags, bibs, pet bed, rug, doormat, and washcloths. Have fun trying these super simple hacks.