Limited Space Best Garden Sheds For You

Backyards usually, whether in a house in an urban area or a small place, are not big enough to easily accommodate a storage solution of significant size. Now, if you go for something bulky, all it would do is crowd up your small area. So, what to do with all those extra items you have and need to be stored appropriately? The solution to this problem would be a compact and practical storage shed. 

Things that you can keep in a compact shed include outdoor equipment, gardening tools, and much more. These small and still functional structures will allow you to store all your items safely without even consuming much of your yard space. Here is a list of some of the best storage solutions that will help you effectively tucking away your possessions and fit in modest backyards. 

Yardsaver Shed

This shed very amazingly justifies its name as it offers compact storage which can fit in all the outdoor spaces without requiring much of your effort. This yard saver lean-to-styled shed has a great feature where you can squeeze it so that it easily fits in challenging- to- fit narrow areas or even lean in against any fence or wall. The main attractions of a yard saver storage solution include easy assembly, which you can do yourself, ample headspace, and resistance from corrosion/UV. This shed can also store lawn equipment, bikes, and other stuff. 

Resin Vertical Shed From Suncast

If you have limited space, you should go for this vertical shed. You can store all your essentials here, which need protection. Good quality heavy-duty resin has been used for its construction to keep moisture incursion and pests miles away from it. You can seamlessly assemble it yourself. Up to four shelves can be added to it through the notches at the sides and back walls of this storage shed. You can also fasten a padlock to the double-door handles if you want extra security. 

Arrow Storboss Storage Shed Made From Galvanised Steel

Arrow Storboss is quite an attractive and multipurpose solution that can effectively meet all your outdoor storage requirements. This shed has an economical size which makes it best suited for decks or patios. You can store your bicycles, patio equipment, garbage cans, sports equipment, and more. It comes with two wide- swing doors, which are lockable, and you also can easily access your stored items. The lid can open and closed through pneumatic lifts. Another attraction of this storage solution is that it also has sloped roofs which have made room for draining and water runoff. 

Keter Storage Shed

This is a horizontal shed that is best at pleasing people with its endless benefits and features. One of them is double-wall panels made of polypropylene, which looks no different from rough-hewn wood. The best part of it is that it is customizable. Also, it can support one extra shelf, too, as it comes with adjustable brackets.

Designer Series Shed 

Even with a small footprint, this Designer series is known to offer beneficial storage options. This shed can safely store your items for many years without any damage to them. This is because of the presence of 15% thicker steel panels, superb corrosion resistance power, and a lockable door. This appealing metro shed is available in many sizes. You can select the one which best blends with your outdoor space. You can place it anywhere in your garden or yard without having to sacrifice your curb appeal. 

The Shed, Which Is In A Box By ShelterLogic

If you are searching for an option that is both portable and compact, then you are at the right place. The shed in a box storage shed by ShelterLogic is the one for you. Store your snowblowers, mowers, and ATVs securely in this UV-treated and waterproof fabric. You won’t require any building permits for this shed. You get a multi-purpose space-saving storage shed which is portable as well. You can free up a lot of space in your garden and yard by keeping large motor-powered equipment in this storage shed. 

Rubbermaid Storage Shed

All of you might be wishing to organize all your gardening tools properly. This storage shed from Rubbermaid is all that you need. Your staff enjoys an extra layer of safety and protection with its double-wall construction. The beat of this shed is that it does not demand any maintenance and is resistant to weather. Organizing your stuff inside the shed has become very easy with the wall anchors inside. Also, it is effortless to assemble without much chaos. 

Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed

Most of the other horizontal sheds available out there have a common issue, i.e., they all are like a toy box opening from the top. This makes it quite difficult for the users to reach all the things inside it, especially gardening tools and other smaller supplies. But, this shed from Rubbermaid has wide-opening doors both at the top and in the front. So, the task of reaching out to everything becomes super easy. 

ShelterLogic Shed Green Garden

There is no need to worry even if your budget is of no-frills type. This fantastic brand ShelterLogic serves you with a lovely fabric shed at less than $100. Although it is not the sturdiest shed in the market, it is still functional. Also, your stuff is protected from fading by UVB and UVA sun rays as it has 300D polyester. 


Storage sheds are a good option and the only solution to issues you face, like stumbling and tipping over equipment and tools. But, at the same time, they are a little bit expensive too. So, to provide some help to your wallet, we listed here a few best outdoor storage sheds.