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Common Causes Why Your House Stinks And How To Fix It

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All sorts of nasty odors are present in the home, harboring all these odors like a home’s habit. Nasty odors like microwave salmon, fly traps made of apple cider vinegar and cat litter makes the home environment unpleasant. The leading cause of this unpleasant smell is the side effects of our everyday life. Sometimes these smells are harder to find and deodorize. When you enter the lobby of a luxury hotel, it smells like a citrus-kissed scent. Everyone wishes their home to smell just as fresh. To make your home glow as sweet as summer, check this place and figure out the reason for the dreadful odor.


Trash Can

It’s evident that garbage stinks. Over time little crumbs and bad odors build up inside your trash can. To deal with this smell, use Febreze air, which helps eliminate the smell rather than just covering up. It cleans the air by providing a burst of freshness in the kitchen. Make sure to empty your trash can regularly. To clean the can, use diluted bleach, spray it properly inside the can and let it sit for an hour, and then wash it with soap.


Pets are part of the family; they use all the space present in the house, whether it’s a couch or any other place. Just like humans, they also get smelly. It could get nasty when their hair falls out, and bacteria grows. You should clean the area where your pet eats and sleeps with water and soap once a week to remedy this. Make sure to vacuum under sofas and beds and bathe your pet often to avoid odor and hair buildup.

Wet Clothing

Wet clothes make a nasty odor. Ensure that you do not place a dirty clothes basket in your washroom; keep the basket somewhere else in the bedroom or the closet. It shouldn’t be in contact with showers and baths because bacteria grow in a humid environment, making the place unpleasant. Don’t keep wet, dirty clothes for long either; hang them to dry and do your laundry often.


Our house smells just like our bodies; that’s why people say they can’t smell their own house. The sheet is one of the particular offender cases in it. When you don’t wash your sheets regularly, it steeps in your body dirt and oils. You should wash your sheets at least once a week or at most every other week.


The dishwasher is a popular spot for potential smells and mold. This damp and warm environment is like heaven for mold spores, especially food particles left behind after your last cycle. Flush out the interior, filters, silverware basket, panels, and door gasket by regularly running an empty dry heat cycle. If you find mold spores in your silverware basket, remove it and dilute it with warm water and bleach for thirty minutes in your kitchen sink. Rinse it with warm water, and then put it back into your dishwasher after it dries.

New Furniture

Like the smell of a new car, everyone likes the smell of a new sofa or any other new furniture because it smells good. The volatile organic compound is the probable reason for that smell. This volatile organic smell is a strong smell that may cause throat infection and headaches, noses, eyes, and even more dangerous diseases like kidney and liver damage. To get rid of this smell, use air purifiers that contain carbon filters. You may get your money back if any new furniture or carpets have a volatile organic smell for more than one month.

Garbage Disposal

Another common kitchen odor culprit is the garbage disposal. Ensure the garbage disposal is wiped clean from inside, as in some cases, grime can be trapped underneath the drain. Plink is a good deodorizer brand that helps control the odor or garbage disposal; deodorizer can be made at home using thin lemon stripes and orange peel. It maintains a clean drain and also acts as a deodorizer.

Funky Fridge

Spoilage bacteria make food smell and taste bad. Low temperature is the leading cause of this bacteria. Use hot soapy water to wipe up your fridge while cleaning; make sure not to use chemical products because they make food taste like chemicals. You can also use baking soda as an odor minimizer. Check your fridge once a weak and remove anything that is expired. 


These are the common causes which make your house stink. It’s very unpleasant and unhealthy if your house stinks. To make your home a healthy place, check these common causes to keep your house clean and smelling as sweet as summer.