Never Clean These Items With Dish Soap

Dish soap has many great uses, especially when breaking down oil and grease, but dish soap is not for all types of uses. Below are the top things you should not wash with dish soap. The list below can save you the trouble of using the wrong soap and damaging your hair or even clothes. 

Your Face And Hair

It may sound unusual to you, but there are instances when people run out of body soap or shampoo and instead feel the urge to use dish soap because why not? While others may think that their face would be clean of impurities and make-up because it is inexpensive and helps you get rid of oil faster than the regular face wash. However, our face cells require a substantial amount of oil that acts as grads to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. In addition, dehydrated skin can call in for itchiness and breaks. Therefore, instead of using dish soap as quick access, use mild cleansers and moisturizers that will not damage your face skin cells. 

Similarly, you may feel that your hair is too oily, and to get rid of the extra oil, you will end up clearing the essential natural oils as well. So again, don’t be stupid but be smart enough to use products that are helpful for your hair. 

Leather Clothes And Items

Leather is costly, requiring expensive products to keep it in good condition. Just like how your face and hair need essential natural oils to be in good health, leather also requires its natural emollients. Instead of using the cheap way round, clean your leather jackets or shoes with a moist cloth followed by a moisturizing product that naturally affects the leather fibers. Most natural moisturizing creams contain beneficial outcomes such as beeswax and oilseeds that enhance the quality of the leather.

Indoor And Outdoor Plants 

You may have heard of the insecticidal properties of dish soap water, and hence you would assume that it is beneficial for the plants. You may have seen some DIY videos that prepare a dish soap water, which is insecticidal and cost-effective. It will quickly convince you to try out making it yourself. However, according to experts, this detergent-based water has very harsh chemicals that affect the growth of plants. The insecticidal soap you get in the market is different as it benefits the plants and kills the pests. Please do not try everything you see online without thorough research. 

Your Pet-Dogs And Cats

If you are bathing your pet with dish soap, this is a warning sign for you to stop right away. No matter how bad your pet stinks or how greasy they get, please ensure that you use pet-based products and not human products for their care. Though organizations use dish soap products in their rescue process, remember, those are one-time use to help the rescuers get rid of excessive grease or oil from the animal. However, this practice is not recommended for regular use as it would dry your pet’s skin. Instead of using dish soap and human shampoos, stick to shampoos explicitly designed for your pet. 

Your Fruits Or Vegetables

It can be tempting to wash your veggies with dish soap; however, please do not repeat this mistake ever again. The fruits and vegetables you buy are porous, and any water will easily seep in. Similarly, dish soap water too can get inside them and settle for good. When you consume these without cooking them because fruits are not cooked and eaten, you consume the detergent chemicals, and this can cause gastrointestinal problems. Instead, you can thoroughly wash your fruits and vegetables with saltwater. Salt is harsh on the germs and kills them right away. 

The Bottom Line

We mostly assume some items or products fit a dish soap wash. So a piece of advice is to do thorough research before experimenting with dish soap, and there are many other types of soaps available to use before you resort to dish soap.