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Quick And Easy Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning a house can be a task and requires hard work. Even if you clean your house regularly, your house can’t get deep cleaning every day as it involves a lot of time. But, your house needs some essential deep cleaning once in a while. In the following article, we have mentioned some cleaning hacks that you could use while cleaning your home deep or regular cleaning. 

Use Your Pillowcase For The Ceiling Fan

The broom is the standard tool to dust a ceiling fan, but using this causes dust everywhere around the furniture. Slide a pillowcase on the blade of the fan and wipe the blades. This causes the dust to fall inside the pillowcase and avoids dust getting around your other furniture. You can even use this trick to clean your blinds. Just replace the pillowcase with socks, slide the socks in one of your hands, and run that hand through the blinds and this helps remove dust from both ends. 

Use Vinegar To Get Rid Of Water Spots

Vinegar can do wonders in cleaning. Use it to clean your stoves, taps or sinks, or any device that can contact water. Wipe the region with a dry cloth and then take a cloth and dip it in vinegar, wipe the sink with it, keep the cloth with vinegar on the sink covered with vinegar for hours, and then wash with water.

Vinegar For Furniture

Wood-based furniture also quickly loses its shine as dust keeps getting on them. To restore the shine of your furniture, use vinegar and lemon oil to give your furniture the shine they deserve. 

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances get stained with fingerprints very easily. To remove those stains and give them a new shine, you can use rubbing alcohol, and any soft cloth will help you clean them with ease. 

Baby Wipes And Fabrics

Baby wipes effectively clean instant fabric spots. These wipes contain very little moisture and do not contain harsh chemicals; they also help dry quickly. 

Dusting The Right Way

There is no way there is a right way to dust. This is what you must be wondering, right? Dusting is an essential part of cleaning. Hence, it is important to start cleaning from top to bottom so dusting objects higher up first allows dust to fall due to gravity. Once your dusting is done, accumulate the fallen dust using the vacuum cleaner. 

Use Baking Soda To Clean Your Couch

Baking soda is a helpful kitchen ingredient that you can use to clean as it helps remove any lingering odor. Brush the surface of your sofa and then sprinkle water and baking soda mixture on the surface and allow it to stand for 20 mins and then use a vacuum cleaner using the brush attachment. 


Clean your computer or laptop keyboard with vinegar on a microfiber cloth and scrub in a circular motion. Use cotton swabs soaked in vinegar for areas that need more cleaning. 

Grease Stains

To remove grease stains from carpets or any other surface, you can use rubbing alcohol which, when mixed with salt rubbed on the stain, helps remove the stain. Once dried, you can use a vacuum cleaner to pick up the pieces of salt. 


Shoes are very precious, and if they are white, they get easily stained and can be a hassle to restore the white color. Use toothpaste to clean those stains from your shoes and let them look new again. 


Cleaning can be difficult, though it may seem more accessible. There are particular ways to carry out the entire cleaning process, and cleaning is an integral part of every individual daily life. These house cleaning hacks will help you clean more efficiently and make the process more fun.